Thursday, February 19, 2015


My puppies are loveable,

My Puppy Jellybean
My puppy is small,

My Puppy Chocolate
My puppy Chocolate is so Vilent,
She is so fat,
Short haired,
Really cute

My Puppy Stormy
Stormy is so soft,
She is so Cute,
She is also so fat,
She is also vilent.

Bea is so cute
She is so skinny because she runs around outside
She likes to lick people on the face,

Sadie had the puppies in November,
She was so fat when she was pregnant,
Now she is so Skinny,
She is mean to the puppies,
She drug one down the porch stairs.

Houdinie is so cute,
He has been alive since I was born,
He is also so strong,
He is like 91 years old.

She loves sports,
She is as strong as a lion,
She is also very sweet,
She likes to protect her family.

She likes playing with the puppies,
She is really kind to people,
She is very pretty,
She is sweet to her family and friends

She is very pretty,
She is really kind
Alexis is the best big sister I could ever have

My dad
My dad is the best,
He is an amazing cook,
He likes taking my family camping

Mindy is nice,
She is also kind,
She makes good food,

My mom
My mom is the best,
She helps me with anything,
She makes awesome food

Teachers are here to teach you not to argue,
Teachers are also here to teach you different things that you don’t know,
Teachers are also here to help you
Homework is when you have to do it either in class or at home,
Homework makes you learn more then you think,
It makes you smarter

Favorite singer
Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan makes good music,
He is a good artist,
I also share a birthday with Luke Bryan

Favorite movie
Divergent is all about action,
It is also about trust,
And love.

Protect each other
Friends are here when you need them,
Friends are caring,
Friends are funny,
Friends are nice,
Friends are amazing
My Interests
My Interests
In my spear time I like to make rubber band braclets,
I use a loom to make them I also use my fingers to make them to,
I also like to read my favorite book,
I also like to draw and color pictures with my sister Maria and Makaylah.

Vacation during summer time
Summer time
I am going to the Ozakres for a week,
I am leaving the 3 of July and coming back the 10,
I am going to have an amazing time and can’t wait till it is time,
I would want to go their again,
I will get pictures of the lake and where we went shopping for memories,
I have not gone somewhere like that before,
I would want to go swimming their because there is a huge lake their that I am going to go fishing in,
I am going to go with my dad,
Mindy’s kids,
And a couple of my dads workers that are my dads close friends,
All of us are so excited, but it is going to be a long drive their because my dad is going to pull the camper with his truck on the highway,

It is going to be at lest a 5 to 6 hour drive.


  1. I thought your ppow was really creative and I really like it. My favorite part was when you were talking about puppies, because they are really soft and you just wish the could stay like that forever.

  2. Alyssa McMartin, I really liked your PPOW because you talked about your friends and family. I really liked the part when you talked about your puppies and your friends. I also liked when you talked about your family as well.


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