Friday, February 6, 2015

January PPOW

Stalker 2

I woke up, my head was pounding, throbbing it felt like someone had split my head like a log. I looked around and I could see a glimpse of light.  My vision was blurry, I could only make out shapes there were about six people in the room with me. Then something went over my mouth and nose.  I heard a light, soft, comforting voice, like a woman, I couldn’t understand what she said but I heard,
“It’s almost over sweetheart, be strong.”
I awoke to a bouquet of flowers on the left side of me sitting on a night stand.  I turned to the right and saw a door open someone walked in, but I didn’t know who it was.  That same light, soft, comforting voice said,
“Hey honey how you feeling?”  I tried to make my mouth say “fine, where is my mom?”  I couldn’t my mouth hurt it felt like my jaw was glued together. She said,
“Sorry, I forgot, you can’t talk.” I was confused.
The door opened again and I forgot all about my mouth,  I was so happy to see my mother walk in! She ran over to the bed, grabbed my hand and said,
“Honey, are you okay?”
I couldn’t say yes so, I nodded, my head.  She turned to the nurse and asked,
“What are her conditions?”
The nurse said,
“Well, for starters she has a concussion we will have to watch it, her jaw is broken so we put the broken pieces back together and wired them to the top of her mouth until it heals. She can not talk or chew, she has to drink and eat everything through a straw. She also has multiple scratches and bruises and has a broken leg.  We will be able to send her home in one to two weeks.”
“How is she supposed to talk?” My mom said.
“She can take a mini dry erase board and a marker to communicate to others until it is healed.” said the nurse.
I think, my mom, was more scared then I was!  The nurse left and my mom turned to me and said,
“Honey it will be okay.”
I was motioning for her to get me something to write with.  She got up and walked out. While she was gone I closed my eyes. I was exhausted just from talking to the nurse. Colliding into a car really takes the energy out of you. My mom walked in, this time with her little side kick, Henry, my little brother! She handed my the board and the maker and I wrote,
“Henry, I have missed you, buddy, glad your safe, never do that to me again!”
He read it and put his head down. I could tell my mom tried to make all the question she asked me yes and no question because it was easier for me.
I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I had a dream about the man in our house, then I thought I saw the man's face, It was my dad! I woke up trying to scream, make a noise, move, get out of the dream! My nurse ran in followed by my mom, my brother and another person, a man; my dad! My nurse asked me what was wrong, but I couldn’t say anything. My board fell off my lap, I tried to pick it up, but could not get it. I pointed at him. The man who left my mom, I dont even call him my father. My mom grabbed the board off the ground and I wrote
“Get that man away from me.
” My mom read it and said,
“Honey, your father wants to talk to you, we will be right outside.”
I just kept shaking my head. She leaned in and kiss my forehead the whispered in my ear “Be nice.”
I shook my head as one by one they left me in the room with this man who so calls me his daughter. The nurse shut the door and just like that, I was not talking to him or in my case writing to him.
“Hi , Lacey, are you okay? I was worried.” he said.
I turned my head the other direction and didn't respond.
“I know I am not the greatest dad, but I am trying, I mean, I am here aren't I.”              
His face lit up when I took the cap of the marker, I wrote down,
“I don’t want you here, don’t you get that?”
He grabbed my arm and leaned in close, I tried to get loose, but he was just holding on tighter. I hesitated, then proceed to asked
“What are you doing, let go?”
He struck me in the upper jaw, I think he rebroke my jaw. It hurt, like I got hit by the car all over again. He grabbed me and pulled me up off the bed I was in pain lots of pain. He shoved me in my wheelchair and told me to shut my mouth. He rolled the wheelchair out of the room.
My mom got up off the bench and said
“Honey are you okay?”
“She is fine, she wants to go to the cafeteria and talk,” he told my mom.
“Okay have fun,”
she kiss my forehead, I grabbed her hand and said with them most strength I had. “Help”. She look at him and gave a faint grin.
“Talk to you later” he said.”
As I rolled away down the hall seeing all the people crying, while I am being wheeled away to my death, by my own father. I stopped and thought my mom heard me, so maybe, maybe I will be safe, I won’t have to leave, I can stay with my mom and heal and go back to my regular routine. I can see Sayde again! I look back and my mom was running down the hallway as fast as she could. She grabbed the nurse clipboard and hit my dad with it in the head, he turned around and grabbed her arms and pushed her to the ground. My mom got up and hit him with her fist in the back of his head. I grabbed my wheels and rolled down the hallway. He pushed her down and ran after me screaming
“Get back here Lacey!”
I rolled with all my might until I reached the front desk. Then I got pulled away, no one noticed me, I 

vanished. The elevator door, opened and he pushed my in. When got to the main floor there was an 

officier at the door he nodded at my dad, I was rolled out the door, no one noticed that I was being 


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  1. I really love how suspenseful it is. Its very detailed.


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