Friday, February 6, 2015


Laying there
As you breathe the air,
And just stare
At the wall
And try to fall
Into your sleep.

Counting the sheep,
But you lie awake.
Your head starts to ache,

The day flashes by
Right before your eyes.
Middle of the night.
Forgot to turn the light,
But you’re too lazy.
Mind goes crazy.

Eyes drift shut.
Starting to sleep.
Blinking fast.
It didn’t last.

Eyes watering
You saw slaughtering
Of pigs in a pen.
Shut your eyes again

Dreaming of bacon,
But you awaken.
Can’t fall asleep
Start to weep,
You want is sleep.
Wishing for daylight,
Staying up all night.

Just past midnight.
You want a snack.
Leave the door open
Just a crack.
Creep down the hall.
Lean on the wall.
Into the kitchen.
You smell chicken

Turn the light on,
The Dorito’s are gone.
Walk sadly back to you’re room.
You are doomed.

You can’t sleep,
And you can’t eat.

Cars pass by
On the street,
As you lie
On the bed sheet.
Wishing you were out.
Without a doubt.

It’s been an hour,
So you glower.
Count the endless seconds.
Finally learning your lesson.

Go to bed earlier
You’d feel sturdier.

Still lying awake in bed.
Wishing it would just end.
Focus on sleeping
Rather than keeping
Your eyes awake.

It’s too late.
Staring at the wall again,
Finally reaching the end.

Walk out
To the living room
As you slouch.
Passed out,
On the couch

Waking up,
You’ve had enough.
Turn on the TV.
Grab some tea.
Slowly creeping.
On to the pillow.


  1. Your ppow was quite interesting and very well written. You write with such a passion for sleep time. You did very good work.

  2. Your PPOW is amazingly true! I loved how you wrote this poem all about sleep, it really makes us understand that you love sleeping. You should write a poem about food, because I know that you love to sleep and eat.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I really liked your poem. I especially liked the part about you being out of Doritos. Good job.


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