Friday, February 6, 2015

My Trip to Texas- January PPOW

My Trip to Texas
I woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning feeling as happy as ever. Today was the day that my family and I would leave for Texas. We all loaded the car and started our road trip. We finally left our house which seemed like it took forever! We drove, got breakfast, and then started to head towards Texas, I knew that this week was going to be fun.
On the way to Texas it started pouring down rain. My dad always likes to take the scenic route, so he was dissapointed cause he couldn’t even see what it looked like in the nature. When we hit Missouri, we kind of got lost. I thought we were in the middle of nowhere! We were driving on a road that literally had no houses, towns, or even a rest stop. This road went on forever and we all thought we wouldn’t get to a town that night.
That day we got to Russellville, Arkansas, and absolutely could not find a hotel that wasn’t all booked up. We went searching forever and still could not find a hotel that wasn’t all booked up. We finally went downtown to see if there was any place to stay down there, and there was! We arrived at a motel that didn’t quite look like it was in a good neighborhood, but it was the only place left. So we tried to figure out what in the world was going on because we saw boats everywhere. Turns out there was a fishing tournament going on. Just our luck on the first day of vacation.
The next day we woke up bright and early and headed our way to Texas again. Most of the time in the car, I would be sleeping or reading. It took the whole day to get to Texas, but it was worth it. We we’re going to Texas to see some close friends which are pretty much family. I couldn’t wait to arrive at their house.
A million hours later, we finally arrived at San Antonio. San Antonio was so unbelievably big, seems even more big during rush hour traffic. It literally took another hour just to find their house and to get to it that night. When we finally got to their house, we took all of our stuff inside and Beth, my aunt, gave us a tour. Beth has two kids, Jackson, who is four, and Shamai, that is nine. Jackson is a little crazy when there is company over, same with Shamai. But it was late when we got there, so we ate supper, hung out a little bit and then went to sleep.
The next day we tried to go tubing, but by time we all got ready and left the house, it was all busy. It was alright though, because the next day we were leaving for Port Aransas, an island on the Gulf of Mexico. I couldn’t wait till the next day!
I woke up early again and packed all my stuff again for the road trip to the Gulf of Mexico. We took two suburbans, in our car we had Shamai, Jackson, my two sister’s and my dad. You could say Jackson was a little too excited. On the way there was very boring, but it was only a four hour long car ride, definitely not as long as others I’ve had. When we finally got to the border of Texas, there was a ferry boat waiting for people to board. It was so cool because you literally drove your car on the boat and then you could get out of your car and go look out the edge and watch the dolphins.
We soon got to the island and it was absolutely beautiful out there. We drove around and went to our condo. The condo was humungous, it had 11 floors, and it was very fancy. It was on the beach, so we could literally walk to the beach whenever we wanted. It was always so cloudy outside and never sunny, but still very hot outside. My sisters and I still went swimming anyways even though I knew that there was a shark caucus by the beach trash can, knowing that made me 10x more scared. When we went into the water, we didn’t really swim, we just jumped the waves. While we were jumping the waves, Beth comes around with a golf cart, so we hop in it and took it for a spin.
Once we got done riding the golf cart around the beach, we went out to eat. We ate at a place called Fins Restaurant and Grill, it was delicious. We were there for a couple of hours chatting and eating, but I wanted to get back to the condo so I could go swimming in the pool before it closed.
We finally left the restaurant and headed for the condo, I couldn’t wait to swim in water that wasn’t salty. We arrived at the condo and my sisters and I went straight to our room to hop in our swimsuits. We ran to the elevator and then went right to the hot tub at first.  After we would get tired of the hot tub, we would hop in the pool. It finally got too late that we had to go back to our room and shower.
The morning came very fast and I was ready to see what we were up to that day. Well lets say that this day was very interesting… We started off the day by going to the beach and driving the golf cart around. We all took turns driving, even Shamai, a nine year old. While Shamai was driving, we happened to pass a cop on the beach, from there it went downhill. We were very lucky that my dad was driving behind us with my sisters license in it. The cop was very nice and just told us that we shouldn’t have a nine year old driving a golf cart.
The rest of the week was a blast. We went swimming, road a pirate ship, and even went shopping! It was one of the most memorable vacations I will ever have.

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