Friday, February 6, 2015

poem December

They are annoying;
they are cute.
They are fun;
they are full of energy.
They aren’t tall;
They aren’t that tough.
They aren’t rough.
They either try to be nice or just mean.
Its hard to tell what they need,
but they are something we always need.
Its always cold and snowy,
warm and cozy.
Its hard to pass the time.
Knowing its almost christmas time.
The new year is near and dear,
but you don’t want the day of christmas to end
Presents full of joy.
PS4 or Xbox One?
Either one is fun.
The kids do know all the fun,
yet christmas is gone.
All joy,
all the fun,
stuck in the past of christmas.
There is really nothing to say,
but “hey what are we doing today.”
You bug them.
You love them.
You try to impress them.
You hate them at times,
but when its christmas time,
everyones having a good time.
All the holidays.
You say “yay,”
with family by your side.
Every week has it and you know it.
You hate it with all your heart.
Its like a stinky fart.
Its the start to school.
Not something cool.
You may cry or whine,
but nothing can stop the horrid monday from coming.
Its hard,
its fun.
It's even fun to watch,
All the things you do,
all the skill it takes.
All enjoyment you might have.
Its all like the taste of ham.
You run,
you fall,
you might be tall,
but you will never be like Jamal.
He will never be real.
He will never be for real.
He is just your dad.
When you find out its just your dad,
you gotta be glad or sad,
but get over it,
and lets be real,
did you actually think the a fat man lived with a bunch of magical midgets.
When you see snow or ice on the ground,
you know its winter time.
You may enjoy it,
or you might just hate it.

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