Friday, February 6, 2015

the adventures of swagman

The adventures of Swagman
the names of some 8th grade students have been changed to protect their identity all suspects are innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law viewer discretion is advised
There was an 8th grade student not that long ago named Zach Swagington. he was a very smart student he was also extremely funny. he always uses substantially large words. one day he was riding his bike to school. When a large semi came barreling down the street he did not hear it coming because he liked listening to swaggy music while riding his bike. he was hit and sent flying through the air and got hit by a bird in the head. this caused severe brain damage. he became very delusional. he thought he was a superhero named Swagman. his teacher were all the villains in his mind.
The next day he came to school with a pink and green superman costume covered up by a hoodie and sweatpants. then he asked Mr. Ross to go to the restroom where he removed his sweatpants and hoodie and became Swagman. he was determined to fight against all of the evil  doers who ever assigned homework. so of course he ran to mrs hanson's room first were the most illegal items (homework) was given to stop the biggest supplier of this evil (Mrs. Hason).
when he got there he screamed “im here to take you away evil doer.”
she then replied “zach you are wasting a lot of potential by skipping class.”
the then started to try to ignite the math books using his mind(aka matches). then restrained mrs hanson with paper handcuffs. she then broke the handcuffs and and called the mrs phillips. who sent the janitor to get him and bring him to the office. zach beat up the janitor and then went to mr peterson's room to stop him from giving more assignments. “Don’t give that assignment Mr. P or I’ll have to send u to prison!”  he screamed at the top of his lungs.
“Alex, giving an assignment is not a reason to send someone to prison” Mr. Peterson stated.
“Well I do not care and my name is Swagman and I do not know this Alex you speak of” Zach replied.
Mr. peterson said he would not give the assignment so then our hero went to Mr Ross’s room where he was instructing the seventh graders to “abrir sus libros en la página noventa y seis” ( translation: open your books to page 96)  then he Questioned were Zach had been for the last two class periods.
Zach played dumb and asked “who is this Zach, and why do you never give assignments in english?”
“Because I like speaking in spanish and you owe me a detention where you must skip around for half an hour,” replied Mr. Ross angrily.
    “Hated your class last year because you always talked in spanish and gave like a million homework assignments,” Zach confessed.  

well you were my least favorite student ever even worse than Spring Ring who never ever did any homework. ” replied Mr. Ross.

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  1. Very charming story Wayne! I liked how you included me in the story, and the story was very interesting!


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