Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Kane Lewis
English 8-8
Jan. ppow

Metro: Last Light Pt.2

The railcar was broken. We had escaped from the main body of the reich, but we were not out of the woods yet. We had to go through a reich outpost. I boosted Pavel up to a pipe, and he climbed through a few seconds later. I heard him get caught. I had to go save him, so I snuck through the reich outpost to where they were keeping Pavel. I had found him and told him that I  was going to save him, but then they came in and told him that they were going to hang him. I was already hidden in a vent, and I crawled to the other end of the vent. I was in a reich farming facility. I snuck through the facility to where they were hanging Pavel. I killed the two reich soldiers and cut Pavel down. I had saved him, and he promised to take me as close to polis as possible, but as we were walking down the tunnel the reich commander got on speaker and told the men to turn off the tunnel lights. I knew what they wanted to do, Spider bugs hated the light. Luckily, Pavel and I had flashlights and chargers for them. We had to go through the catacombs while fighting off the mutated spider bugs with their hard shells. That meant we had to point our flashlights at them until they flipped over. We had to shoot their unarmored stomach to kill them. There were plenty as we went through the catacombs. We reached the subway entrance, and even though it would be a small way to the next subway entrance; we had to go on the surface. On the surface, every step could be your last! Before we went to the surface, I checked the service room for supplies. I found a few filters and a shotgun. I picked up the shotgun and was attacked by a Nossilis.  I shot it with the shotgun, and I went back to Pavel and told him that I  found a shotgun. We put on our gas masks and went to the surface. We saw a crashed plane on the surface, and we waited at the entrance to the subway to let a herd of Nossilis past. We went into the plane to see if there was equipment as we walked through.  It was like something was happening to the world around us. I walked into the cockpit and looked outside. Suddenly, the pilots were alive, and the plane was flying. It was a flashback of when the plane crashed. When I woke up, Pavel was sitting murmuring without his gas mask on. I walked over and put Pavels gasmask back on him. We continued and got chased by Nossilis on the way. It was a short sprint to the red line station. We ran into the station with Nossilis at our feet. We turned around and watched as the heavy flamers ran up and burnt the Nossilis to a crisp.
Pavel told me that he would buy me a drink. I finished it soon, but soon my vision started to blur. Pavel poisoned me! Two of the guards walked up and addressed Pavel as commander. Pavel wasn't just a grunt; he was a commander in the redlines army. The poison was only meant to knock me out, and they took me hostage. They interrogated me about where D6 was while General Korbut was interrogating me. General Moskvin walked in and told Korbut that he needed to show his son how to interrogate people.  He walked over and started hitting me. He was asking where D6 was, and his son started to tell him to stop. Moskvin and his son left the room. General Korbut said that he did not agree with Moskvins ways of interrogating. He said that he believed in science, then he injected something into my leg with a syringe. I was knocked out, and when I woke up I saw moskvins son. He freed me, and I left via an air duct. I snuck through the red line until I eventually found one of my old friends, Andrew the Blacksmith. He told me that he had been sneaking out refugees. He gave me the car that he used to sneak out refugees because there weren't many refugees left. I drove the railcar until I got to a gate. I went to the lever on the side to open the door, but the power was down. I had to go through  a small area filled with spider bugs after powering up the gate. I continued down the right tunnel until I came to a wooden wall. I broke through, and the tunnel got really steep. I kept going down until I hit a wooden wall at a million miles an hour. I flew out of the car, and got knocked out! I woke up and climbed back on to the railcar. I continued carefully smashing through another wooden wall, and I saw some redline refugees. They asked me to deal with some bandits, and I  agreed because they were in my way. After I dealt with the bandits, I drove my railcar through. Until I got to a trap by Nossilis.  I broke through using the railcar, but it got the wheels off of the track. I continued on to a ferry man. I rang a bell to get him to come over, but it also attracted nossilis. I fought them off until he got there. I got on, and we went to Venice which is where Pavel was at. I went to where Pavel was having his meeting
I got there, but I missed Pavel. I had to go above ground to the ranger outpost in the old cathedral, but I had to go across the swamps on the surface. You never know what could be lurking in the water; I had to grab a gas can to power the small boat to cross the water to get to the cathedral. I found a gas station that had a gas can, and I took the gas can. I used it to power the boat. I drove to the cathedral and tried to walk across a log that was there, but a massive beast pushed the log away. I had to fight it after a long battle. I went into the church and rested for awhile.


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