Friday, February 6, 2015

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning
He my favorite football player on the field. He was born on 1976, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the 2nd child of an NFL quarterback, Archie Manning. His whole family played football. But his brother Cooper would have played in the NFL if he didn’t hurt his back really bad. The reason Peyton Manning always wore 18 on his back ,was because when Cooper was in the hospital his freshman year at Ole Miss for spinal stenosis, Peyton told him that you can play through me, and I will wear your number in memory of you, and he still wears that number to this day. Even though Cooper couldn't play football he was very successful being a part owner of an energy firm.
Peyton went round one pick one in the 1998 NFL draft. He got drafted by the Indianapolis Colts he won one super bowl in 2007, and went to a total of three super bowls. He now has 509 career touchdown passes, and he holds that record. Brett Favre used to have it up untill a couple months ago. Here are all of the records that Peyton Manning holds. Most passing touchdown in a season. Single season touchdown record Most passing yards, season Most games throwing.Most passing touchdowns in a single game. Most games with a passing rating higher than 105: 92. Most games with a perfect passer rating. Most seasons with 350+.Most games completing 80-percent passing. Highest completion percentage in a postseason game. Highest yards-per-game in a season Most seasons passing for 4,000+ yards.
Most consecutive seasons with 25+ touchdowns. One of two quarterbacks to ever beat all 32 teams. First quarterback to beat 31 franchises.
Peyton is an all star quarterback. With an all star wife, Ashley Thompson. He also has two children Mosley Manning, and Marshall Manning. Marshall is an 3 year old boy. and Mosley is a 3 year old girl. They are twins and the cutest ones I’ve seen in a while. When many schools wanted to recruit Peyton, he didn't want to do everything just like his dad.
So he wanted to go to Tennessee instead of Ole Miss. A lot of people were mad about that, and they sent very angry letters saying that they will do terrible things to that family if he didn't go to Mississippi. But that didn't scare him, he went there anyway. Payton's father ,Archie, could have gone to baseball with his huge arm. But he liked football a heck of a lot more. Archie never wanted to push his kids to go play football.
Actually when Peyton was a 7th grader he coached basketball for Peyton. Even though he tried Archie wasn't to successful at it. Peyton chewed him out for picking his friends instead of just getting the players that are good. When Peyton was born he came out at 12 pounds. At that time he had better chances being a lineman than a quarterback. When Peyton was a sophomore his older brother switched to a receiver, it was because he knew that Peyton was a better quarterback, and he wanted to give peyton a shot to be an all star QB. That season he threw for 23 touchdowns, and a bakers dozen to his big brother.
That season they went to the semi finals, and had a 12-2 record. He made 63 percent of his passes his whole high school career. During his final season of high school Peyton had so many scouts just watching him play. When he went to Tennessee That season they had a rough start going 1-3 then both the first stringer and 2nd stringer got injured. So they put Peyton in and he won 7 out of the 8 games he started in. After that he was the starter Quarterback for the University of Tennessee.
Peyton Manning has as many passes in his career as the Cleveland Browns have in their whole career. Out of all of his passes he passed the most against Houston, Texas. He throws an average of 2.3 touchdown per each game. He throws the most touchdowns in the 2nd half then in the first half. He thrown the most tds when he was 37 than any other year. Andrew Luck (his replacement in the Colts) Threw 60 touchdowns in his first 37 starts. Peyton Manning threw for a total of 63 touchdowns.
He was selected to be the Gatorade player of the year when he was back in high school. Peyton married his wife Ashley Thompson in 2001 on St. Patricks day. If you need a team to root for this is definitely one to choose. I have cheered Peyton on since the day I was born, and he is a true influence to young children. If you already don’t have a team to cheer for this is the one. I am very happy that he is my player. He has went to the super bowl a total of three times, but he only won one of those times.
Peyton signed for the Denver Broncos March 20, 2012. The next year he went to to super bowl, and played against the Baltimore Ravens. He set a super bowl record of 34 compilations. Even though he lost that game by a lot, he still set that record.


  1. I really enjoyed your writing, Caden! You explained Peyton Manning and his life so well. My favorite part was when you told us about his records; that was very interesting!

  2. I loved the writing in this PPOW. The description put into this PPOW is amazing. My favorite part was that its about the best player on my favorite team!

  3. I love this story how you had a lot of good facts about Peyton Manning. He is a really good quarterback and I bet by the end of his career he will get a title at Denver. Great story!


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