Friday, February 6, 2015

January PPOW

Daniel Middleton

Daniel Middleton was born on November 8, 1991, in England. His dad was in the army, so his family moved a lot. Since they moved so much, he did not make many long lasting friends. That made him and his brother like best friends, but wherever they went the videogames always followed.
His first gaming console was a Snez. He played Mario, Zelda, and Bomber Man the most when he was young. He made sure that any other games he got were played from beginning to end.
His parents got divorced after a while and it was very hard on him. He went from seeing his dad every day to only seeing him once a week. It wasn’t all that bad because he finally got to stay in a permanent home with his mother.
Once they stopped moving, the got to stay at a new school. He was very shy and wanted to see his dad. Eventually, he made some new lifelong friends. During school, he learned a lot about himself. He found a love for drawing, gaming, music, and he was very creative.
In college he decided to study art, but he quickly decided against that once he started the classes. He decided to pursue something more creative than art, so he settled on a music degree instead.
By this time Dan and his brother decided to start a band. He learned the guitar. He also wrote and sung the songs. His brother played the drums and his two other friends played bass and guitar. The played a lot and it helped him get over his some of his shyness.
He discovered that he wasn’t the school type. He was good at the more creative things. He could not preform well when it came to tests, even though he would study. Things were looking pretty bad for him, but then a girl named Jemma decided to help him do better. After that, they started dating and they moved into an apartment together.
After that he discovered the Pokemon trading card game. He learned the game and the strategies. The game made him feel smarter because he was very good at solving these strategies. The game also had a tournament that you could participate in. This led to him traveling around Europe and making good friends. He decided to start a YouTube channel around this game. He learned how to produce, edit, and post the videos; he loved it. This was his hobby for a long time and the popularity of this channel grew more and more.
Jemma and Dan decided to move into a bigger house. It cost more, but it was better than their last. It was very cold in the house, so they were always bundled up in blankets to stay warm. They were done with the cold so they saved up money for a vacation to the beach. At the beach, Dan proposed to Jemma and she said yes. When they got home they started to save up money for their wedding. During this time, his brother introduced him to Minecraft. Both Dan and Jemma loved it and they began to play it themselves. He decided to make another YouTube channel just for Minecraft.
A few months later, Jemma was taken to the hospital. He was terrified. Originally the doctor told him that it was appendicitis, but it turned out to be Crohn’s Disease which can fortunately be treated. She continued to get better throughout the months before their wedding. They got to go to Orlando, Florida for their honeymoon.
When they got home he decided that the job he currently had wasn’t for him. Jemma convinced him to quit and he decided to work on his YouTube channel. He loved to work for himself and people loved to watch his videos. The Minecraft channel had grown more than he thought it would.  He even hit one million subscribers. They moved again to a fairly large house and they got a puppy named Ellie. Their YouTube channels are still growing and they are enjoying every bit of it.

Stacy Hinojosa

Stacy was born on the 23rd of March in 1983. She is a video creator from YouTube. In her videos she is a very positive person. She appreciates her fans and is very creative in how she shows this appreciation.
She shows a lot of amazing fan art on her series Dogcraft. Her YouTube channel is stacyplays. She plays a lot of Minecraft, but she also plays adventure games. She recently played a series set with iHascupquake called Diversity and Diversity Two.
She also has a video log aka a vlog channel called stacyvlogs. She usually posts special Monday videos. In these short videos she talks about things that she likes and recent interests. She also has a GoodReads YouTube channel.

Some of her other interests include writing, gaming, and producing. She also enjoys photography. Every year she goes on vacation to Utah. After Utah she moves on to Idaho and Washington.

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