Friday, February 6, 2015

Hour of Time 3

Hour of Time 3

It was only a short and few seconds before screams of mad men and children filled the area. As most of us were hidden, the others were fighting of the invaders. All sorts of chaos had sprung out of the area. Only yesterday was it so peaceful, with the kids laughing, adults working, and delicious eating. It was only a matter of time Until this would all be over.
30 minutes later- The gunshots had stopped, but it wasn’t in a good way. I could hear Wolfgangs voice in a screaming and the door had started to sprung open. The bandits had run off, but Wolfgang was shot. Blood dripped all over like a stream of water. The women told the kids to look away and then quickly attempted to help Wolfgang. It wouldn’t be too long until his death would come. I could tell due to all the blood covered rags and bandages.
The cook had explained how the bandits ran off and that Wolfgang had been bleeding ever, since the start of the fight. The kids had been crying and I just sat there in shock. I haven’t had a single break from all the pain this week.
I asked, “Where is the doctor?”
The cook Replied,”He is with the bandits. He-he had been taken.”
Everyone had gasped, but the kids he had been crying for the past 35 minutes. Majority of the group forgot about the doctor. He wasn’t around often and kept a strange distance from everyone.
“There must have been more to him!” Yelled Jermy. Everyone look surprised at Jermy he was never mad or sad. He was always the one to keep people happy during these times. Instead he wasn’t indulged when he was around the kids, just mad and furious.
Wolfgang had then closed his eyes and said,” You're not that bad kid just keep doin what ya doin.” He had then passed away the women had cried with the children and Jeremy sprung into action by grabbing a gun and started running off into the distance.
The cook screamed,” Come back Jermy! You ain’t going to last a night all alone out there.” He had moved even fast, he was like a raging bull who had seen the color red.
The cook said aloud,”I’m going to get him back all of you stay here!” He left as well and one of the women told me to sleep and thats what I did shivering in fear.
The next morning Becky and Dawn were gone and the children had been nourished by the last women here, Darla. Darla burst into tears when I had even started to ask the question about the others. In a weak shaking voice she says,”Th-Th-they couldn’t take it! They left without telling us they left a note saying they had started to gone insane.” She had burst into tears.
More gun shots had come from outside. There was a bang on every side of the building. There were zombies! The door had fallen into shambles and screams from the kids had been loud enough to attract them all. Darla had tried to fight them off, but the horde was too big. I had grabbed the pistol out of my bag and told the kids to get behind me. They were everywhere when suddenly one of the kids got bitten and then the other. I had shot as many as I could until my Bullets were gone, when suddenly another gun fire had been shot from the windows. The bandits were back with no sign of the cook or jemy. My foot had then given out and I sprung to the ground.
I was ready to meet my demise. It was only a matter of time until my story was ended never a day to really rest just blood and guts where ever I step. No place was ever safe. No matter how well made the base or place. I crawled right into the crowd of zombies while being munched on by zombies. The saddest part of my story is that I never got to see my mother even through it all. I never got to say goodbye to my friends or family even if they were mean at times. I had just crawled over and cried.

That is my story of how I died. Timmy Jackson 2002-2014 died at age of only 12. Later on as for the cook and jeremy the survived for only about 2 days longer until the got hunted by bandits. How they died is a story for another day. THE END.

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