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Everything was normal in Casablanca. Everyone lived there life very normal, well everyone except for Rose. Not that she wasn't normal because she was, but she could see things, things no one else could see. She tried to tell people, even warn people but they wouldn't listen, because something like that could not happen in a touristy beach town. Sadly, it was true, but no one would be prepared what was ahead.
It was just a normal day in Casablanca.The girls were getting ready to go to the beach, and the guys were playing sand volleyball. Rose was going to the beach with her friends. She was trying on swimsuits. She glanced out the window, and she could see black clouds rumbling towards  her, but she knew it was just them. She saw it almost everyday, and by now she was use to it. So she continued to try on swimsuits until she found the one  that she wanted. So,she put it in her bag and headed out the door. She met Kate outside, being that she lived next door. They headed to the beach and met Bella and Katie, but Bella  didn't end up showing, which was kinda strange for her because she never just doesn't show up without letting us know first.
Kate,Katie and I decided to play sand volleyball. I served to Katie, but she got distracted when Kris came up behind her. Finally Kris left us and as I looked up to the sky I dropped the ball. We had no time, everything as we knew it was about to be destroyed.
“Guys, we have to go now,” I said
“Rose, stop being such a buzz kill,” said Kate.
“I’m not trying to be, but you know how I was telling you about them the other day,” I said.
“Yes, I know, but that is just stuff you're seeing in your head,” said Kate
“Yeah, do we need to get you some mental help?” said Katie.
“No, guys I’m trying to tell you something, but I just don't know if i can or how to tell you. Its not easy but if you come with me to a place where we are safe then I will tell you more,” I said.
So the girls agreed to come with me to my house in the basement.(Which I know will not protect them) As we enter the cold dark basement i began to tell them what was going on.
“Ok, so one day when I was a little girl I always knew that I was different from everyone else. I could see gods, gods that no one thought where real nor did they think existed. They always told me they would come and destroy the world, but we would not know  the day nor the time. I believe that day is today and that time is now. I dont know what to do nor do i want to but all I know is this. They kill anyone who has a power that they need in the kingdom.
“ So are you trying to say that you live two lives?” said Katie
“Yes, but thats not the point, I said
“Then would you just get to the point because I gotta go to practice soon,” said Kate
I began to speak but was interrupted by a big shaking but I knew it was not the ground. We all ran to hid in the closet and put the extra roll of carpet that I had laying on the floor on top of our heads to cover any falling debris. The shaking finally stopped, as we walked out I saw that everything was destroyed. Kate had her hand over her mouth in shock,  I looked over to Bella’s house across the street and saw Bella beginning to cry and Katie started running, looking for Kris. We followed Katie, as we got to Chris's house there he was and he was not prepared and there his body lay. Katie dropped to the ground and hugged his dead cold body. I already know this would happen, they wanted him, because he had a special power, they needed him.
A couple of days after the strike was his funeral, they held it at the St. Lawrence church. We all came and Katie made a special speech. Then it was my turn:
“We all knew Kris as a great friend, but I am hear to tell you why he is gone. There is a god called Triton and he looks for kids to kill who poses a power in which they need up in the kingdom.  He is the god of healing, during this time they needed him and just know that he is not dead but that he lives another life. He is in a better place now. Thank you”, I said  
Everyone stood up and began clapping, they had smiles on their faces. No one smiles at funerals.
I walked out of the funeral home in shock of how well it went. I knew there was one more person that I needed to address about something. They needed to know that they were next and its sad to say because she is my bestfriend. As I approach the house I stop, I began to think of what I was going to tell her. When all of a sudden I felt a vacuum like wind start to pull me up and I grabbed to the nearest tree, but it was too strong.
The next thing I knew in front of the entrance to Triton’s castle. I walked in was surrounded by gold  everything. I looked to my left I saw mermaids in a tank and to my right was big piles of cash and really fancy cars.When I got inside he started talking to me and telling me that he wanted me to be the message sender, which just means that I tell people that they are going to go to the kingdome.  
“Mr. Triton, I don't know that I can do that ,” I said.
“ Why is that Ms.Rose,” Triton said.
“I just don't know if I am comfortable with that,” I said.
“You will do it and you will love it or else I will kill you for good,” said Triton
I agree and then everything gets silent all of a sudden I can smell Persefoni. She is the  most evil god off all. I turn to see her lift her mask off . Im in shock, this is unbelievable.
“ Bella?” I ask  

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