Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Kane Lewis
English 8-8


  1. To play games you need a game.
  2. Games are fun.
  3. Games are cool.
  4. I like to play games.
  5. Games make me happy.
  6. Games are hard.
  7. Games make you think.
  8. Games make me mad.
  9. Games can be annoying.
  10. Games can be addicting.
  11. You never want to quit playing,
  12. Until you complete the game.

  1. You need a X-box,
  2. to play games,
  3. to watch movies,
  4. to play games with friends.
  5. to watch youtube

  1. You need a tv,
  2. to watch TV shows,
  3. to watch movies,
  4. to play games.

  1. You need a computer,
  2. to go on the internet,
  3. to watch movies,
  4. to play games,
  5. to watch videos,
  6. to buy games,
  7. to buy tvs,
  8. to buy xboxs,
  9. to buy controllers.

  1. You need a controller,
  2. to play games,
  3. so that you can move,
  4. and win the game.

  1. If you want, you can get a game chair,
  2. so you are comfortable while you play games.

  1. You can also buy a guitar,
  2. so you can play Guitar Hero.

  1. You can buy a joystick,
  2. so you can play flying games.
  3. so you can play old games

  1. You could go to an arcade.
  2. You could play all kinds of old games.
  3. you could play pacman
  4. you could play street fighter
  5. you could play donkey kong
  6. you could play galaga

  1. you could get an oculus rift
  2. with an oculus rift you could put it on
  3. it would make you feel like the game is real
  4. you could get a hand held
  5. so you could play when you want
  6. you could play wherever you want

  1. you could get xbox live
  2. you could play with friends online
  3. you could download games
  4. you could buy stuff for games
  5. you could watch youtube
  6. you could go on the internet
  7. you could watch movies
  8. on xbox there are lots of games
  9. theres halo
  10. theres call of duty
  11. theres left 4 dead
  12. theres payday
  13. theres diablo

  1. you could play wii
  2. you only need a wii controller
  3. a wii game
  4. a wii

  1. those are a bunch of things
  2. that you can get to play games
  3. also a lot of things to do with game
  4. and plenty to watch with game
  5. the end

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