Friday, February 6, 2015



The first murderer was an old, wrinkled man that stood at ten feet tall and didn’t have a name. He had a cane to help himself walk because he was too tall. He had an eye patch because he doesn’t like to see his victims out of his right eye. The ghost lived in an old, rusty shack that made him look small. He had a big basement to play with all of his victims. He only goes after people that have been drunk driving because they can’t see him coming.
The second murderer is a fat, chubby clown and his name was Mike. He had big shoes with spikes, so it would be easier to step on children. He had an awful laugh, to scare the kids into a coma. He lives in a car, but not just any car, it was a tiny car. A car that had Anacondas for seatbelts, and his victims as his seats. He likes to sleep in the back, so if people try to jack him; they would be getting hacked.
The third murderer is an old woman that is not taller than Jordan, and has a name worse than Isabella. Gretchen, a name that makes you puke in your mouth a little bit. She likes to lewer children with making the best chocolate cake. She gets the children fat, then pops them like zits. She lives in a small shack right outside of town, but she goes into town to lie to the children, and make them go with her to her house.
The fourth murderer is the weirdest of all with a scaby face and a swollen eye. He didn’t have a name, so the townspeople called him Saul. His house was weird with all of the drawing that he made of him murdering. He likes to pretend to be a cop, so he can put his victims into his car that way he can speed up and hit the breaks and send them through his windshield. But the weirdest thing of all is, he lets you go if you pay him in Trident Layers.
The fifth murderer is a normal looking guy at day, but at night he turns into a shadow of the dark. His name was Lester, and he lived a normal life. His height was average. But when he sees the sun go away, he moves to the closest dark alley waiting for people to pass by, and become his next victim. He doesn’t have a home, and he lives off of the money that he earns from his night job.
The sixth murderer is the woman of darkness as people like to call her. She wears all black, and always has her face covered. Nobody knows what she looks like. The only people that get to see her face are the ones who are not living anymore. She lives only in complete darkness, and the only time you can get a glimpse of her face is when you see her adding a new victim to her list. The only way to escape from something you can’t see is to use a flashlight.
The seventh murderer is a master of disguise because he can hide using whatever is around him to escape the cops. He use to be an artist when he was college which seems dumb because there is no career in being an artist. An artist was what he wanted to be once he was done getting good at painting. He also robs banks because he is almost impossible to see when he is cloaked in his disguise. He only murders people if they cough right in front of him because it is gross.  
The eighth murderer was a former accountant until he won the lottery. He won a million bucks. You would think he’d spend it on himself, but instead he used it to, murder people. He would do it in a special way that took a lot of thought to do. He smashed them with the money! Yes, smashed them with the money. He would put them in a box, and he would dropped the whole load on them.
The ninth murderer is a dump truck worker that takes out trash, you know. He puts bodies in the back of the load and smashes them when there is enough in there. He covers up the bodies by putting trash over them. But, for some reason he doesn’t smash you if you set out the garbage correctly.
The last murderer is an english teacher by day, but at night he is murdering all of the innocent grades of the sixth period by giving all of them an F. He has a metal ruler to make loud noises to hurt their ears with. But for all of the other classes he gives the kids all A’s, and watches the fifth period class sit there in place while they receive their F’s.


  1. I like how you used good details to show what they looked like and how they acted.

  2. I like how you described each murderer. Told us how he killed the kids.


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