Thursday, February 19, 2015

How Caden, the Boy That's Super Smart Dies

How Caden, the Boy That’s Super Smart Dies

There was once a boy named Caden. Caden wasn’t the brightest kid on the block. He thought nine plus ten equaled twenty one. Little did everyone know Caden was about to become the brightest kid alive.
It was just a normal day for him. He woke, up got ready, and then went to school. He has P.E. first hour. They were playing softball. He was out on the field. A boy named Gabe was up to bat. He smacked it right at Caden. Caden flinched like a girl, and they ball hit him right in the nogen.
He fell right to the ground, and he hit his head on the ground too. Everyone went around him. People were poking and nudging him to get up. Caden rolled over on his stomach. A boy named Drake, and Jordan looked down at him. They were right on top of him. Then in a flash of a second he farted a huge fart!
Jordan, and Drake flopped down dead from the fart. Everyone then backed up. Caden brain then started to explain.
Caden screamed, “What’s going on?”
Cj said, “Your brain is becoming larger.”
Then Caden started to mumble numbers.
Ben said, “Caden, are you okay?”
Caden replied, “I can control your mind now.”
Ben screamed, “No please don’t control my brain!”
At that point Caden took Ben's mind. Ben was running into walls. He ran into the wall so
many times he died from brain damage. Everyone was screaming. Mr. Haris tried to pin Caden down. Caden used his mind and floated Mr. Harris off of him.
Mr. Harris said, “Caden no, please don’t.”
Caden replied, “No one can stop me.”
He then squished Mr. Haris into nothing. Everyone at this point was in panic. People were trying to get out the doors. Caden then locked them with his mind.
Gabe P tried to stop him. He charged Caden. Caden made a bowling ball appre out of no where. He dropped it right on Gabes head.
Everyone went to the weight room. They bordered up the doors with the equipment. Caden went up there saying, “You can’t run from me, mahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahaha!”
He then bursted the equipment down. He caught 60 out of the 80 people. The only people left were, Blake, Gabe M, Cj, Ethan, Zach, Michael W, Kyle, Hailey, Bella, Korbin, Drake, Kate, Katie, Spencer, Clayton, Joey, Kris, Madison, and Emma.
Cj asked, “What now guys.”
Blake replied, “We fight back.”
Emma said, “Guys I’m scared.”
Then out of nowhere Emma floated up, and exploded.
Zach said, “Hahaahahha noob.”
Caden screamed, “I hate that word Zach, I’m coming for you.”
Zach then started to cry.
He was saying, “No I don’t want to die!”
Then his tongue ripped out of his mouth. There was blood everywhere. He signaled us to help him, but there was just nothing that we could’ve done.
Cj told Blake, “Throw weights at him!”
Blake, and I went up to the weight room. When they got back everyone else was dead.
Cj yelled, “Oh my…”
Blake mumbled, “Cj, I think we're going to die.”
Then Caden whispered, “I can see you.”
Blake, and Cj turned around. They saw Caden standing there.
Cj murmured, “Aim, aim, and fire!”
Both of the weights hit him.
Caden screamed, “Ow!”
Blake said, “Keep going we're hurting him.”
Just then Cj was getting choked in the air.
Cj could barely talk but he said, “Hurry, kill him.”
Blake keep chucking weights at Caden. One after another. He was getting really hurt
but at the same time Cj was dying. Blake was trying so hard. The teachers finally arrived at the doors. The doors were locked though. They yelled for the janitor although, he was taking a number two.
Blake said, “Cj I’m sorry!”
Then Blake threw the biggest weight at him. It him right in the head. It killed him.
Blake yelled, “Yes Cj, we did it!”
He looked over at Cj and saw him dead on the ground. The teachers finally opened the door.
Mr. Sanders said, “What happened?”
Blake replied, “He killed all of us but me.”


  1. Cj the title of this story is a very large spoiler that might make people not read it.

  2. Cj I really like your story, I think it is really good. One of my favorite parts was the end, and I hope you write more to this story.

  3. I think that this story is really good Cj. But what Wayne said the title of the story kinda gives the story away but although it is a really great story. You should make another story like this.

  4. This story was funny to me because when Emma died Zach immediately screamed noob. But there were some errors in the story such as names like Mr. Harris's, and you need to make a little longer sentences.

  5. I really like your story, but I don't really like how you killed me off in the beginning. I didn't really like that.

  6. Cj I really like this story its really action packed and interesting. Although, Why did I die? There are some spelling errors other than that really good job!

  7. I loved the story CJ, but I would have like it if I had a speaking part in the story. My favorite part was when Caden got hit right in the noggin.

  8. I really liked your story. It was really funny, but why did you have blake live? Why not me? Overall I thought it was a good story and you should write more like this.

  9. I really liked your story. It was interesting and fun to read. I think your good at writing stories and you should write more like this one. You did a great job.

  10. Cj, I loved your PPOW! I like how your story had a sense of humor, yet it also was written with such great quality. Keep writing great stories like this one!


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