Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Scary Acres

Scary Acres

One day a boy, named Josh, was watching T.V. Josh kept flipping through the stations on the T.V, until the tv went out and something new came on. The tv showed Scar acres and showed were the locations was, Josh thought its was an awesome place to go hang out with some friends. Josh ran over to Mike house to ask him if he wanted to go to scary acres with him. Mike told Josh the he was too scared of it to go this year. Josh was upset and mike changed his mind and went with him. Josh told Mike to go to his house on friday. When Mike can over he didn't really want to go to scary acres. When Josh’s mother came home, she took them to go eat before they were taken to scary acres. Mike asked again if he really had to go to scary acres, but he did anyway. By the time josh and mike went there it didn't seem scary. When they got inside they seemed fine but what they did not know is what's was going to happen to them. when they got tickets to go to one place to another place. They went to the house on the hill. they went in and the person opened the door and screamed.
“GET MIKE!!!!” she yelled as loud as she can go. Mike stood there in shock and scared. “Mike u will be fine trust me..” Josh told Mike. “ya ok sure…” he gulps a big gulp in his throat. When they went in this girl asked them if they wanted to pet there pet raccoon.  Josh fell for it and tried to pet the dead like raccoon. Mike screamed like a little kid, because it made a loud hisses sound. They were still stuck in the hill house then they ended up in the trash trucks and wheels. Mike forgot he had his phone on him and he tried to use the light on his phone, but someone screamed at him to turn it off.
“TURN IT OFF” someone screamed from the dark. He didn’t want to take it off o he didn’t. He kept on walking to the the door and he could hear a chainsaw running from in the back. He didn’t want to keep going. “ Josh i don’t want to do this anymore i didn’t see scary at first but now its just horrible.” Mike said to Josh in a heart beat. Josh replied “We can’t go back am sorry Mike.” Mike didn't know what to do next until they got to  a black room and thought they were lost somewhere, but then he could hear the chainsaw coming closer and closer in the dark. All the sudden Josh and Mike and the others came out of the blackness area and was at the end of the haunted house. Mike scared a little and the chainsaw man knew who was Mike. The man kept Mike in the house for at least two to three minutes.
“Ahhhh! leave me alone!” Mike screamed at the chainsaw man. He didn't stop teasing Mike. Mike didn't want to any other things, as Josh was leaving the house Mike never come out Josh was worried. Mike came screaming out of the place in three mins. When they went into the next place it was not as bad because they were with better people. They also went through the haunted woods with them. At the end they thought everything was going to be ok. Josh turned around to see some weird person handing them paper to join Scary Acres. The paper said,  
“Dear Josh and Mike,
You two were the most sacred ones here, And we loved looking at your faces while scaring you. I gave this to you two to see if u would love to join us? We have the perfect place for you two! HAHAHA! Just sign your names here.
Josh and Mike wanted to join badly, but they moms wouldn't allow it. They put their names there and randomly there bodys changed into scary things. They scared kids and adults.
A year later from that day Josh’s mother and Mike's mother was worried about finding them, but they never came out of the scary acres. So their parents sent them into find them and they came out with bad news for their mom’s.
“ They have jobs in there now and they can never leave!” said Nickol. The mothers were every sad that day. They have lost Their kids in a stupid park but the mothers have a plan.

To Be continued…..

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