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5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds Of Summer
Ashton Fletcher Irwin was born on July 7th. Ashton has a brother ,and a sister, and there names are Harry, and Lauren Irwin. Ashton is the oldest then Lauren and lastly Harry. Ashton’s dad walked out on them when he was only 2 years old. There for he never really knew his father. He was at the age of eight when he got his first set of drums. Ashton kept playing his drums. Before Ashton was in 5 Seconds of Summer he was in a band called Swallow The Goldfish. Ashton is one of my other favorite because he is very inspirational
In December of the year 2011 Ashton joined Five Seconds Of Summer. The other instruments Ashton can play include piano, saxophone, and guitar. The other members of 5SOS are Calum, Luke, and Michael. Luke Robert Hemmings is who I am going to talk about next. Lukes birthday is on July 16th .
Luke is the guitarist and lead vocalist for Five Seconds of Summer.His mother, Liz Hemmings, is a maths teacher, and I am not sure on what his dad does for work. He has two brothers named Ben and Jack. Luke’s favorite animal is the penguin. He has a stuffed animal that is a penguin he named it Pengey. Luke also started the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Lukes favorite song by them would have to be “Beside You”.  He has a dog named Molly. He loves her so much like everyone should love a dog.
Calum Thomas Hood is the third member of 5SOS. Calum’s birthday  is on January 25th, one day before mine. He is 5SOS's bassists and vocalist. He prefers pancakes over waffles, no one really knows why he just does. Calum has a sister and her name is Mali Koa Hood. Calum also gave up his thing for soccer to start his music career. Calum is the youngest in the band. Calum is another one of my favorites in the band because he is funny, outgoing, and never gives up.
Michael Gordon Clifford is the last person in the band. He was born on November 20th. If Michael would learned to play another instrument he said it would have to be the flute. He plays the guitar and sings in the band. Michael hates his middle name, and he is also an only child. When they all were thinking of a band name Michael came up with the name “Bromance”. They came up with 5 Seconds of Summer before Ashton Irwin join their band.
There band has came out with a lot of songs and some of there favorites are: Heartbreak Girl, Beside You, VooDoo Doll, Rejects, She Looks So Perfect, and Amnesia.
I listen to them almost every day with my friends. Even my dad knows some of there songs and lip syncs them, just to be funny. Starr Pieken’s favorite song is “Out Of My Limit”, at less it was her favorite song the last time I asked her. I really like that  song too, but its not my favorite song by them. Madison Robinson favorite song by them is “English Love Affair.” Again I really like this song but it is again not my favorite. My favorite song by Five Seconds of Summer is there cover of “Teenage Dirt Bag.”  This song is originally by a band called Wheatus.
This band has been thought a lot. I’m not saying that there lives are the worst life ever. What I am saying it that they all have their person to turn to when they need to talk to someone. Ashton goes to Luke and Calum goes to Michael. My friend Madie Robinson listens to their music because she feels free when she does. She can connect to a lot of songs, as does a lot of other people.
I really like this band because they can do some very funny thing and they also post them on youtube. They also have an instagram, twitter, facebook, vine and of course youtube accounts. They have been a band since 2010, and I think they have been very successful in their career. They are all friends with One Direction.
If you do not know who all is in One Direction, or just can't remember here they are. There is Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles. Louis is 23, Zayn is 22, Liam is 21, Niall is 21, and Harry is 21. They have been friends for a while now.
I am not a real big fan of One Direction, but I like some of their songs. One Direction has been friends with the band Five Seconds of Summer have been friends for a long time. Luke and Harry were the first ones out of the bands to become friends. Then Calum and Ashton meet Zayn and Niall. I can’t remember who were the next people to become friends, but I think you get the point.
As you can tell this is not my best PPOW. I think this PPOW is the worst PPOW ever, but thats just me. I am not really that great at writing PPOW’s like this. I have to say that this is my worst PPOW ever written, this is so bad but hey I get to try to write about one of my favorite bands. Well you get the point they are a really good band that has a lot of backstory that  I could not write about, so if you wanna know more about them you are just going to have to look them up to know all about there past. This is my PPOW, and I hope you liked it.
The End

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  1. I like your PPOW Courtney, I learned a lot about their band that i did not know about. I really like it.


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