Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Wild Dream

A Wild Dream

            Last night I had a dream that felt like a lifetime. I was only asleep for three hours, but it felt like 100. It was one of those dreams where you just don’t want to wake up and if you do, you start to daydream about it. The ones that last forever and that you just want to be real. I didn’t sleep very long, but the dream lasted all day.
            It started out with me going to bed at like two in the morning. I feel asleep thinking of my dad. He had just passed away the week before. We were sitting under a lot of oak trees that were on the edge of a lake. We were on my private island that I had bought for a million dollars. I had so much stuff and much money in this dream that I don’t know how I would get the money.
            While we were sitting there, we were fishing. My dad and I went fishing a lot together. We went ice fishing a couple times too. It was a lot of fun because we would mess around and tell jokes to each other. Sometimes he would tell me stories of when he was a kid and went fishing.
One of the stories was that his dad took him fishing in a blizzard and the ice was fresh, so it wasn’t thick. He ended up falling through the ice into the water. My dad and I would do a lot together. We went hunting, fishing and everything else outdoors. In the dream he was young and ready to have fun.
We went to the middle of the island after fishing. We agreed that we should climb trees and see if we could get back down safely. Instead of just climbing down, we both jumped and we landed in a pool. Remember this is a dream, so anything can happen. By now it was four in the morning.
After we hit the pool more people arrived. My two kids came to swim and so did my three brothers. My oldest son jumped in and splashed me, and that was when I woke up from the dream. I started to get ready for my day at work. I am a veterinarian and thank god I didn’t have many things planned for today.
It usually takes me five minutes to get ready, but when I was going to walk outside I didn’t have my keys, shoes, or my schedule. My head was going crazy because I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have everything I needed. When my first animal came in, I started dreaming that my dad and me were on a farm.
We owned our own farm in this and had millions of cattle. We had a huge place for all of them to eat and everything else. We had our own pet cow, who was named Rammer. I think we named him that because he always ran into the fence. I’m surprised he never broke it because of how big and strong he was.
He kept running into it harder and faster each time. Finally one time he hit it and just fell over. It was kind of funny until he started shaking. It was just like the dog in front of me. It started shaking and then I gave it a shot to make it stop. I have never had something like this happen to me and never thought it would.
I saw it in a movie once that everything the kids say comes real but right now its like everything I dream in some way is real or was real. I wish I could understand this. After that it started to get better with me dreaming about living in a mention. I would have parties all night every night and have fun. I would have a lot of fun with my friends.
The first party I had was with all of my high school buddies. We stayed up all night and trashed the house like we used to. We were playing video games and acted like we were teenagers again. We had a blast and didn’t want to stop.
The next party was with my brother that was really just my really close friend in school. We went out to eat at the pizza hut and then went to the park where we used to hang out all the time. We finally went home around four in the morning. The next day we went out mudding and took my rock crawler out to have fun. The bad thing is that we don’t talk anymore so I just have memories of it.
Back in real life, it is like five at night now, so I have to do all the chores. I have never messed up on these. I always feed the animals and then go do paper work. I didn’t feed the animals the right amount and didn’t clean the cages. Then I never did my paper work.
I went home and went back to bed. The dream kept going and seemed to never stop. When I feel asleep again I was skydiving. I was by myself and when I looked up there was nothing I fell from.  I was picking up a lot of speed.

I went to pull the cord for my parachute and there was nothing on my back. I started to panic. I couldn’t stop and didn’t know what to do. I was falling and was starting to see the ground. It was getting closer and closer.
            Then all of a sudden, I stopped right before I hit the ground and I woke up from a dead sleep.

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  1. This was a very wild dream but it turned into a very exciting PPOW! The ending was scary though. You had very good descriptions of your objects.


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