Friday, February 6, 2015

January PPOW

Always say goodbye

Lily was living a normal life she got good grades, and one of the most important thing in high school a boyfriend. She’s been dating him for 2 years and they are both graduating this year. Hunter was the starting quarterback. He’s been recruited by a lot of teams, but hasn’t decided which one. Hunter, and Lily have been friends since Pre-school.
It was almost time to to go home, and Hunter had to go get his stuff. Sometimes I think he’s doing this on purpose because I embarrass him in front of his friends when I’m in the parking lot. I really don’t care cause  he always forgives me. He’s driving me home and we stop at this toy store, and he buy these ugly dolls. They are the scariest things in the world. They look like they got ran over about twenty times, and tried to get plastic surgery, but it deformed there face. They look real like a person, but scarier.
He hides them everywhere and it scares me to death. I hate it, he’s so mean to me. I found one in the toilet and he still has it in his room. He never even cleaned it off. It was the next day and I told him to leave them at home. Somehow one of them got in the car. I threw it onto the road and yelled at Hunter. We started driving to school and we were at a stop sign. We heard something. It was little laughs growing louder and louder, then it stopped.
We got to school and we had a normal day, but when I went to the bathroom I heard the laughter again. It echoed in the bathroom. It stopped after a little bit, and then when I was leaving it started again. I ran back to class and told them what happened. They all just started laughing and I hated it.
Meanwhile, Hunter was in P.E. and he was the last one getting ready to leave. He saw something run by, but he ignored it. He saw it again and thought it was someone messing with him. So he walked over there and looked around the corner. It was standing there looking straight at him and moved its head in curiosity. It screamed and ran after him. He was frightened and running for his life. He felt something odd about his leg. After he made it out of there everyone was  looking at him. They were looking straight down at his right leg. There was a chunk the size of a dodgeball dangling from it.
He was bleeding everywhere and he didn't feel anything. He was losing blood really fast. They asked “ What happened.” Suddenly he collapsed and they yelled for help. The ambulance took him to the hospital and he had the chunk stitched back on. He got there in time to save the chunk.
He would have to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks to be safe. I visited everyday. He has about thirty stitches all together. He won't be able to walk on it for a long time. He’s been in there for a week and nothing strange has happened until that night. I was ready to go home for the hospital, so I said bye and left. I was home and my parents were on a trip, so I’m home alone. My sister was at a friends spending the night.
I was watching The Walking Dead and eating popcorn. It just went to commercial and the door flung open. I asked if Sarah was home, but there was no answer. I went back to the couch and watch more episodes. Half an hour later the doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing. I went to go look and nothing, nothing was there at all. ]I was getting freaked out, and I called my mom. She said that dad was sick and that they're coming home tomorrow.
I thought I could stay calm till tomorrow. I did, it was the next day and mom said “ I’ll be home in a couple of hours.” I can’t wait till she comes home. I’m scared and I miss them. I was Facetiming Hunter and he randomly ended the call. I was confused for a minute. Then I thought that his phone could of died, and he forgot to charge it.
He never called me back, and I was worried so I thought I could go visit him today. I went to the door and the phone rang. I answered, but nothing happened. It was a prank call or something. I went to the hospital and he wasn’t there. I asked everyone and they said he left two hours ago. I went looking for him, and I couldn't find him.
I went home and that night I heard a knock on the door. I answered it, and It was Hunter, he was dead! I tried to help him, but I didn’t know what to do. He’s dead! I was scared and crying my eyes out. I tried to move him, but he wouldn’t budge. I heard a laugh and there it was, standing in the doorway behind Hunter. I ran upstairs and I was glad my dad was in the army. He taught me how to shoot guns. I loaded a twenty-two and shot it. It was still moving. After about six rounds of bullets. I grabbed a pistol and ran to the garage. I also grabbed some grenades. I shot it a lot of times.I ran out of bullets and more of those things came, I tried to run, but I was out numbered. I asked god to forgive my sins and to bless my family. I was starting to get eaten alive and I had 3 grenades. I pulled all the pins and I blew every single one of those things up. I was having a flashback to all my good memories. I hoped it would never end, but it did. I died with a clean soul and thats all that mattered, but I never said goodbye.


  1. This was a great PPOW! There really is no way to make another one, but I bet you could try to make another one. I really liked the way you had it be half love story half horror it made it a good PPOW to read. Great job!

  2. Its wired about because the possessed dolls bit a chunk out of hunters leg.

  3. I really like your PPOW. I hope you write more like this because it was really good.


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