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The U part 3

The U part 3

In a little school outside of Tuscaloosa, Alabama home of the Crimson Tide stood a little town of Burmeister, Alabama. A town that has a outstanding young talented athlete named Jeffery Louis. All of his friends called him Jeff, Jeff was the starting linebacker for the varsity football team. He was 6’1 and he had sprinter speed. He was the heart and the soul of the entire team. Jeff was a very smart person in and out of school, he never really got into trouble anywhere.
Jeff has received many offers from many division one college football teams all around the country. His team had just won the state championship, and he had his eyes on only three schools. He could stay within the state and go to The University of Alabama, he could stay in the south and attend The University of Miami, FL. and finally he could attend The University of Oklahoma.
When it came down to making the decision he decided to take his talents to the University of Miami Florida. Miami has been mediocre since their 2001-2002 national title appearances. After ponzi schemes and bad losses took Miami from the top to the bottom. They were hoping to change their image by recruiting Jeff from Alabama. Then something changed in Miami, once word got out about Jeff going to Miami many other recruits started to roll in from all around the country. They had gotten four five star recruits from the state of Miami that had previously said they would be leaving the Miami area. They would finish off the offseason with one of the best recruiting classes ever in the past decade, but with that comes suspicion. Questions started to rise about how they could pull in all those recruits. The truth was they didn’t even know, but they think it had something to do with the Jeff. They kicked off the season losing to in overtime to the defending national champions the Ohio State Buckeyes. Then after that lose something clicked in that team and they would go on to win every other game in the regular season. Then they were hit with the most controversial things that could happen at that time, the rankings put them ranked five in the country behind another one loss team who they had beat in the season, that team was Oklahoma.
Miami was matched up against Nebraska in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, they won 40-7. It had been made clear that Miami would try to make a run for the National Championship next year, but so would the champions Oklahoma looking to repeat National Championship wins. Miami would win all of their regular season games  and be put at the two seed in the playoff for the championship. Then have to beat the also undefeated TCU horned frogs. The canes crushed the frogs in a 40-10 win to put them in the National Championship game. When the Rose bowl was over, the Miami canes would play the Oklahoma sooners in the National Championship, the team that beat them out last year.
The game started and Miami had scored on their first possession and put up a 7-0 score in the first quarter. Then the score stayed at that until Oklahoma threw a pick-six with 30 seconds left in the game and shattered their chance at a comeback. They canes won the National Championship. Jeff was the player that got the pick, and he was the sole reason they won that game because the two other times the sooners were in threat of scoring Jeff caused a turnover. They put together the perfect season and stunned the nation while doing so. They were at the top and they were by some putting back together what they had broke after the 2000-2002 teams won the national title.
After they put together the perfect season they were hoping to repeat national championship wins, something that they were unable to do in 2002.
The season started and they only lost one senior to the NFL, they were starting the season playing Ohio. The game was a blowout 42-0 and The U had started up again to try to win the title. The rest of the season they had best their opponents by an average of 20 points  and they would again have a perfect regular season and go to the playoff. In their first game they had to play Alabama. The game was close until the last seconds when Miami had to kick a field goal to win the sugar bowl and put them in the Championship game. They would have to play the also undefeated Mississippi State Bulldogs for the big game.
The game started and the Canes would score on their first possession and they would also give up a score on the dogs first possession. The game was a toss up for who would win from the beginning until the end. The Canes scored and they gave the bulldogs one more shot with 1:30 left in the game. The first play The quarterback scrambled and ran for 15 yards. Then a pass play would put them in striking position. They threw the fade and the dogs receiver caught it and they scored. Then the Mississippi coach would keep the offense on the field and they will go for the two and the win. They lined up in a run and they snapped it and the quarterback ran the statue of liberty. The running back ran it and he crossed the goal line. They converted the two points and they won the game. Then like all scoring plays they are reviewed and upon replay they saw the runner had been tripped up and his knee had touched the ground and he was down. This time the Canes would be able to repeat title wins and they did it by one point. The Canes were on top again and they were the best team in the nation.

The canes would lose all most starters to the NFL and go 5-4 the next 5 seasons and Miami was back 

to where they had started.


  1. You did a great job explaining and putting a lot of details in this story. Good job Benjamin!

  2. Good story Ben. You could've explained more about Jeff since he was main character. All around good story

  3. Ben, I loved this story. It was one of the best stories you've done yet! I hope you continue with these great stories. I absolutely love how you have Jeff in all of your stories.


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