Thursday, February 19, 2015

They're Coming- February PPOW

They’re Coming
Chamberlyn was an ordinary girl, so she thought. She had her everyday routine, wake up, go to school, and then she had piano lessons after school. Once she would get done with piano lessons she would ride her bicycle out to the tree on a hill. She would lie down on a blanket and watch the clouds slowly pass by. When she was out on that hill, looking up into the sky, she felt like the whole world was silent, no existing of it. She would get lost into the clouds, but she knew they would be coming very soon.
Chamberlyn finally rode her bicycle home. She has a little brother, Jack, and has two older siblings, Cece and Stefan, they’re twins. Chamberlyn is 16, Jack is 6, and Cece & Stefan are 18. She is the daughter of Damon and Elena Salvatore. They live in a small town, Mystic Falls. The town had always been mysterious, that’s where the name kind of get its. There was always random deaths, Chamberlyn knew it was a sign that they were coming, in fact there were many signs. Chamberlyn didn’t want to think they were coming, so she blocked out the world.
Everytime Chamberlyn would get home from the tree, she would go straight to her room and do her homework, if she had any. She would always stop doing her homework and just read. She loved reading, especially about the gods. She would try to talk to her friends about her book, but they just thought she was crazy.
Chamberlyn woke up bright and early; she got dressed and headed to the tree. She had to finally talk to them, she needed to tell them that they can’t come today, not yet. After she talked to them she rode her bike to school.
Once she got to school she ran to her friends screaming, “They’re coming, they’re coming!”
Caroline, Chamberlyn’s best friend yelled, “Calm down, who’s coming?”
“They’re coming, they’re coming!” she screamed again.
“Bonnie, Chamberlyn’s other friend says, “Come on Chamberlyn, stop being crazy. Nobody’s coming; enough with the games.”
“We have to go, let’s get out of here!” Chamberlyn exclaimed.
Bonnie questioned, “Where are we going?”
“I don’t know, but we just need to leave this town. We’ll all go home and pack our stuff, then we’ll meet at the bank,” Chamberlyn explained.
They all left their separate ways and headed to their houses. Chamberlyn rode her bicycle home and rushed into the house. She grabbed clothes, her laptop and phone. She was running out of the house until she figured she would leave a note for her family. On the note she wrote “I’m so sorry, my friends and I left, we don’t know where we’re going yet. I took the car keys, and a bunch of food. I’ll call you when I can. All I can say is that they’re coming, leave soon.”
Chamberlyn hopped in their family van and drove as fast as she could to the bank. She got to the bank and went inside. She went to the ATM and took $1,000 out of their family account; she would explain to her family later. She waited, and waited, and then finally Bonnie and Caroline showed up. They all hopped in the car and Bonnie asks again, “So now what do we do, where are we going?”
“Where do you want to go?” questioned Chamberlyn.
“New Orleans!” shouted Caroline.
“Why New Orleans?” Bonnie asked Caroline.
“Because Niklaus is there, he can help us,” answered Caroline.
“Great, lets get to going then!” clapped Chamberlyn.
They all hopped in the car and headed to New Orleans. It took seven hours to get there; they got there around 5 o’ clock in the evening. They had no idea where Klaus would be, so they went around looking for clues. All of a sudden Chamberlyn’s phone started to buzz; She was getting a call from her parents, Damon and Elena Salvatore. She hurried up and answered it.
“Where in the world are you!” Damon shouted through the phone.
“Don’t worry, we’re here in New Orleans with Klaus. We’re trying to find him and his witch friend so they can help us,” answered Chamberlyn.
“What the heck is happening, who’s coming? And Klaus is very dangerous, don’t go near him!” Damon said angerly.
“We found Klaus, got to go. Talk to you later.” quickly said Chamberlyn as she hung up the phone.
Damon thought to himself, I need to go find her. So Damon listened to his mind and left for New Orleans as soon as possible without letting anybody know. On the way there he ran into Rebekah, Klaus’s evil sister, an original vampire.  
“Hello there Damon. Haven’t seen you in a while, what’s the hurry?” asked Rebekah.
“My daughter is with your brother, he’s going to hurt her! Now can I go save her?” Damon said eagerly.
“I already knew that silly. Why do you think he called me and told me to make sure you don’t come to save her?” Caroline said like a genius.
Before Damon got to say anything, Caroline twisted his neck and down he went. “You’ll be just fine here with me while Klaus does his business,” she said to herself, knowing that he wasn’t concious to hear.


  1. Nice story Tori. I thought that you did a good job of keeping the reader interested and keeping the story interesting.

  2. I really liked your story because it kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole thing, and the story was really interesting and creative. I also liked it alot because of the end because it had a suspenseful ending because now we don't know if Damon is going to save her, and what will happen to her.


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