Thursday, February 19, 2015

Story of my life

My full name is Nora Ann May Rodenborn. I have a story for you, but I know you won’t be interested. I’m going shush up and start the story. I hope you like it. I know it will be a  interesting story.
The day I was born. I was the lightest baby from my older brother Zach. My dad always would hold me twenty-four seven. He never put me down. When I was two years old. I had Cataracts in my left eye.
I had to get surgery or I would’ve lost my left eye. I had baby blue eyes before my surgery. After my surgery; my right eye is brown, and my left is green. I was very shy after my surgery, and stayed in the hospital for two weeks. I went back to the hospital because my stomach was clogged.
I wouldn't eat or drink much for a week, until I heard them saying they were going put me in a different hospital. I wore a patch after the stay at the hospital. A couple of months after my surgery. My little brother was born. He was suppose to be a girl, but he was a boy. I told my mom this “put him back.”
I already knew I dislike him when I first saw him. Garet was annoying baby. A couples of months after Garet was born. My parents got divorce after my mom got home from work. I didn’t heart feel broken when I finally understood.
I won't get to see my dad not that much. I would cry and whine for my dad to come back home. My older brother Zach was five when dad got divorce. I wouldn’t talk after my mom and dad got divorce until I was three. I had to wear an eye patch for my left eye to become more healthy, but soon it will be the first day of preschool.
When I didn't care what people called me or anything. I was in the stupid phrase.  The phrase where your mind is blank and you can't think at all. I got held back in preschool, because of my blank head. I went to kindergarten; the people were mean calling me Dora or fat.
I would cry, but then I went in to the I don’t care thing. I met my best friend Courtney Gallagher. We were the weirdest little kids ever. I saw my dad on thursday and tuesdays. I was still scared of people bullying me. I went through first then second grade.
I moved in to a okay house, but my landlord kids were mean to me. Their kids would come over and said we have to listen to them, because their dad own the house. I didn't care,but they were mean kids. It was getting close to the end of third grade. My mom told us we were going to move.
I was happy, but then sad. We look at the two houses; first house was in glenwood, but we couldn’t have pets. The second house was in Hamburg we could have pets, just not big dogs. My mom had her boyfriend Dan. My brothers and I hated him so much.
When we moved in Hamburg. Zach had like twelve friends. I was always inside and shy. I didn’t have much friends. Then Zach friend Jasper came over with his sister Haylee.
We went to her house and talk a lot. I was scared ,that I was different. I would copy everything Haylee did. I didn't know who I was yet. I had fun in hamburg and making friends.
I get jealous of people stealing my friends away from me.  It was half why through fifth grade. I was moving back to avoca. I didn't want to move back, because I loved hamburg. When we were leaving for the last time.
I cried ,because I knew I would never see haylee again. I was scared of the bullies again. When I walk through the door of avoca. My best friend Courtney hug me to death. I was happy to see her.
Things went good til seventh grade. I was nervous and after a week of the middle school life. I knew that bullies will try to make me cry. They had made me cry. I don't wanna call names.
One person I sat next to in seventh grade told me to go die once. Then kira friend was bullying me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to run far away or sleep forever. I’m like suffering on the edge.
I'm drowning, but people are breathing around me. I didn’t like what people say to me. I always thought they were right. They were always right. I’m weird, fat, ugly ,and worthless.
Those were the things I think in seventh grade. When it was summer I felt better about myself. I was in deep depression for the summer. I have no feelings at all. I didn't care about anything after all.
Summer past by fast, because before I know it. It was the beginning of 8th grade and The bullies got worse. I was way too much in depression. I didn’t care at all what they said. I just fell in depression.
I thought I would never have feelings again. I didn't want to change myself after all.

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