Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Buzzer Beater

  Final Buzzer

  Our story begins in the high school basketball championship. The current matchup is between  the Benjamin Franklin night riders, and the Storm City cyclones. The cyclones starting five are up at the point standing at an even six feet tall John Wilcox, at the two spot, the three point specialist Cain Madison, at the small forward position the five, nine speed demon Brandon Faulk, and finally at the four and five spot at power forward  Heath Spikes, finally at Center standing 7 feet tall Thomas Morris.
Here come the night riders. The road to the Kansas state championship is underway Thomas morris is the jumper for the cyclones. The tip is won by Storm city and an immediate pass to Cain Madison from John Wilcox puts the clones up three to nothing. Now here come the night riders the point guard passes it inside to the center where he puts up the quick shot and is denied by Thomas Morris rebound goes to the cyclones.
10 minutes later- Its a blow out here in Storm City as the cyclones led 50-13 the cyclones starters are averaging 10 points per player. With only 30 seconds left in the first half the night rider have the ball and setting up their offense only 5 left on the shot clock the night riders heave up a prayer for three covered and fouled by Brandon Faulk he gets it to go and one so that wil make the halftime score 50-17 cyclones.
At the start of the second half the night riders exploded to a 30-0 run to be trailing 47-50 and with 10 seconds left they have the ball of the inbound they get it inside then kick it out for three and he makes it plus the foul.

He gets a chance to win but both coaches call there timeouts. Here is the free throw he shots it bounces off the backboard. John Wilcox throws up a hail mary and it toilet bowls in game over final score Benjamin Franklin night riders 50 the Storm City cyclones 53.
The four of the five starters for the cyclones would all eventually find their way to the NBA. Whether its through the Euro league or the D-league John Wilcox would commit to Iowa state university and take them to the final four two time and win the championship two time against Kansas and Ohio state.
Cain Madison would commit to the university of Iowa and moved to point guard and played against John but lost three of their four meetings. Brandon Faulk would commit to the university of Wisconsin and would lead his team in scoring and take them to the elite eight three time and would make it to the championship game once but would lose to Ohio state on there way to play Iowa state in the championship game.
Heath Spikes had the toughest road only getting to play his junior and senior year after missing his freshman year with and broken ankle. He led his team in rebounds and anger management lessons. He was removed from NCAA play his sophomore year due to four fights during the regular season. He was ejected in all four fights.
Thomas Morris had the most promising career of the five but was diagnosed with and irregular heart that had gone over noticed and he didn’t try out for the NBA draft but he found his way to the dis ability olympics and won gold for team USA he qualified four times for the olympics and won gold 3 times losing to team Britain once.
All five of them had historic careers in different ways

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