Wednesday, February 11, 2015

As The Year Goes- December PPOW

New Years
Time has gone by fast;
Say goodbye to the past.
We celebrate for a new year,
While everybody cheer’s.

When the clock strikes twelve,
Everyone screams and shouts.
It’s time for a new year,
But don’t fret or fear.

The easter bunny is here
hiding your eggs for tomorrow.
He fills them up with treats,
for you to eat.

Now its your turn to go on the hunt,
But sometimes the easter bunny can be a runt.
So look high and look low,
But don’t move too slow
Because its a race to the end,
And you want to win.

Summer is about to happen,
And we’re all clappin’.
The school year is ending,
And time is descending.

The days get longer,
And the days pass by fast.
We never want it to end,
So let the memories begin.

We go to baseball games,
And see them bat.
We watch for a fly ball,
But they soon just fall.

The pool is open,
But nothing like the ocean.
Days get hotter,
So we swim in the water.

4th of July
It’s a hot summer day
And kids are outside to play.
Families go to parades
And put on their shades.

When it finally gets dark,
The fireworks start to spark.
Everyone celebrates as a
Memory of independance.

School has started again,
And days get longer.
Leaves start to fall,
But we’re not ready for winter at all.

Boys start to play football,
And fans start to cheer.
The season is finally over,
So they put away their gear.

The snow drifts down from the sky;
It sparkles and shines.
It keeps snowing through the night,
All bright and white.

While adults are inside,
kids are playing outside.
We drink hot cocoa
And pray for no more snow.

Santa Claus is here,
But soon he will disappear.
He makes sure your good
And don’t be misunderstood.
So You better be pleasant,
or you won’t get a present.
We get bundled up in our fuzzy blankets
and try not to get anxious.
The snow won’t go away,
But Santa is on his way.

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