Friday, February 6, 2015

The End or Not

The End or Not
Hello, my name is Becky I’m just your average girly-girl. You know those girls who always wear dresses that are fluffy, pink and have lots of glitter on them.I have a step sister named Lorelei, she is more of an outside go getting kind of girl. I was about 11 years old when my friends, Lorelei and I died. I didn’t know what to do. We were just having a sleepover with some of our friends. We were playing truth or dare, and it was my turn to ask someone. I asked my friend Amy if she had ever left the house without asking. She said no she has never.
Lorelei said “Who is hungry because I am going down stairs to go get some snacks.”
“You should make some popcorn, and get some pretzels, oh and bring up some pop and maybe some chips too.” said Becky.
Lorelei went downstairs to get the snacks. Lily Lynn Lorelei’s stepmom and Becky’s real mom asked her what she was doing. Lorelei told her that she was getting some snacks for the party. Lily Lynn has always hated Lorelei. She told Lorelei that she could not get anything for the party and sent her back up stairs. Lorelei went back up stairs. Lorelei told Becky what had happened so then Becky went downstairs. Becky walked right in the kitchen to grab some snacks.
“Becky do you need me to go to the store and get some things for you and the girls?” ask Lily Lynn
“Yes Mom can you go to the store and get some candy, pop, and some more popcorn because we are out of that?” replied Becky.
Becky walked back upstairs as her mom got dressed and went to the store. Becky was half way up the stairs when she heard a horrific scream and dashed up the stairs to see what had happened. She opened the door to a tragic sight, that Lorelei was not there.
“Lorelei, this is not funny, where are you? Come out right now,” said Becky looking around the room for Lorelei.
“Max, what happened when I was down stairs?” ask Becky
“We were all playing cards when the lights went out and we all heard a scream. I thought someone was messing with us, but when the lights came back on and Lorelei was gone.” replied Max.
“What was that noise?” said Noah looking downstairs
“Lets go see what it was,” said Max
They all walked down the stairs slowly. Becky, and Max went the bedrooms, Noah and Amy go to the kitchen and Zoey and Piper go to the basement.
“Before we all go looking, if there is nothing where you are come back to the living room. If you find something bring it to me or Max and if you find anyone in the house just use the knife I am giving to you.” said Becky passing around the knives
They all go where they were told to go but one group never came back.  Zoey and Piper were down in the basement and kept hearing something moving. Zoey screamed and started to run up the stairs but she tripped and fell down the stairs to her death. Meanwhile Piper Was trying to get out of one of the windows in the basement. She was trying to get out through the window but falls and the glass cuts up her face and neck she had hit the ground really hard.
The killer came up to her and said, “They’re all next,” and then shot her.
Meanwhile upstairs in the kitchen, Noah and Amy were looking to see if anything unusual had happened in there. They found nothing but they kept hearing things coming from the door off the kitchen the leads you to the outside. Amy turned the outside light on and opened all, but the screen door.
“Noah?” ask Amy
“Ya what is it, did you find something?” replied Noah
“What is that?” ask Amy as she looked down at a bloody knife in the middle of the deck.
“What is a bloody knife doing on the deck?” said Noah taking out the flashlight that was on the table.
“Noah I have to go to the bathroom I will be right back.” said Amy walking to the bathroom.
As Amy walked to the bathroom she thought she was seeing a shadow of a person, so she started to walk faster. The last thing that I can remember is hearing her scream and seeing her on the ground dead with a knife in her neck. Noah was still in the kitchen looking outside to see if she could find anything. She heard someone outside so she opened the screen door and stepped out onto the deck, leaving the door open behind her. She had her flashlight on and was looking all over the yard.
She heard someone whistle but she could not hear where it was coming from. She heard it again and again and again. She know it was getting closer and then it stopped, so she turned around and there he was standing right behind her. The man standing now in front of her was holding a rope and he threw her into the metal and glass table out on the deck. He put the rope around her neck and pushed her off of the deck and she was just hanging there.
Back with Max and Becky, they were looking in the bedrooms but now they are looking for there friends. They walk into the kitchen and they notice that the door was open and they walked outside to see that Noah was hanging from the deck. They both started crying.  As they walk back into the house they both see bloody foot prints. Max walks over to the hallway and Becky follows closely behind her. Out comes the man that has been killing all of the girls. He comes out and in his hand he has a large bottle. Inside the bottle was gasoline. He throws the gas at Max and it gets on her clothes.
The man then reached inside his pocket and took out a box of matches.  As he is doing this Becky hears her mom driving into the driveway. She runs outside to get her mom, while Max runs into the kitchen to grab a knife to try and throw at him, but it was too late he had already lit the match.
As he threw it he said “You were never living you were always dead to her and the people you call your friends they never wanted you anyway.”
Then he threw it. As Becky ran in with her mother nothing was there. Max was not dead and the same with Zoey, Piper, Noah and Amy. Then she woke up. She was still in her room, still with her friends. No one was dead and Lorelei was in the room as well. She got up and ran down stairs, went to the kitchen, opened the door, walked outside and she saw the man. He was looking at her, same with what she was doing.
He pointed at her and said “You're next.”

To Be Continued…
By: Courtney Franks


  1. Courtney, I really like your story! Please write more about this I want to know what happens! Great Job!

  2. This is a really good and detailed story Courtney! My favorite part is when the man said "They're all next." Good job and write more!

  3. I love your story!! I want to know what happens next!! Write the next part please!! My favorite part is the ending!! Love it!!


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