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Zac Efron Biography

Zachary David Alexander Efron was born on October 18,1987 in California. His father David Efron, worked as an electrical engineer at a power station. His mom Starla Baskett, worked as a secretary at the same power station as his dad. Zac also has a brother named Dylan Efron.
He had a middle class family and a normal lifestyle.
Zac says that he always was the class clown in school but would freak out if he got a B instead of an A in school. Zac started taking singing and acting lessons when he was 10. Zac’s favorite childhood movie was the Goonies, but now it’s Dumb and Dumber. Zac’s acting idols are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Jack Black.
When Zac was 11 years old, his piano teacher told him that he should give theatrical roles at a Performing Arts school a try. He did school plays in high school including Peter Pan, Gypsy, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, and The Music Man. When Zac auditioned for the Gypsy production, the role made him realize that he wanted to be an actor. He got a talent agent after other local productions got him noticed.
In 2002, Zac appeared on his first television show called Firefly. Zac graduated from Arroyo Grande High School in 2006. He also attended  Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts college for two years. The college was located in Santa Maria, California.
The show Firefly, was the first thing Zac acted in besides small plays. A year later, Zac got guest roles on ER , the pilot of The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke. In 2004, he was in the film The Guardian, the pilot Triple Play, as well as the movie Miracle Run. Zac got the leading role in his first feature film called, The Derby Stallion in 2005.
He also got another leading in a movie that year called, High School Musical about a boy and a girl who meet on vacation only to have her move to his school. The movie was a low budget film and was not expected to be a big success. Everyone working on the movie was surprised when the movie came out and was huge success. After the movie Zac got many offers for the  movie and even a record deal, but Zac decided to take a break from acting to finish High School.
Zac filmed High School Musical 2 after he graduated, which was the most watched movie in cable television history in 2007.
He also appeared in the remake of Hairspray that year. In 2007, Zac was named 100 most beautiful people and won a teen choice award. In 2008, Efron decided to stop doing musicals after the filming of High School Musical 3. While filming the comedy 17 Again, which is about a thirty year old man who think the problems in his life are because of a choice he made when he was 17. He then meets a mysterious man who turns him 17 so that he can redo all the mistake he thinks he made.
While filming the movie, Zac had to get rushed to the hospital to get his appendix out. Even after his surgery, Efron came back to set to film the rest of the movie. Zac hosted a t.v show in 2008 for a short amount of time.In 2010, he filmed another hit movie called Charlie St. Cloud, about a boy and his brother who are in a car accident and one of the boys dies.
The other boy then find out he can still see and talk to his brother. Two years later he did the voice of the boy in the movie The Lorax. In 2012, Zac started filming more mature roles, getting rid of his disney image. That year he filmed The Lucky One, He played a soldier who was in a war, and a picture of a girl saved him.
When he gets back from the war he decides to find the girl in the picture and thank her for saving his life. This year Efron played a frat boy in the hit movie Neighbors, about a man who gets a new frat boy neighbor and the two don’t get along, and play pranks on each other. He also filmed That Awkward moment this year. Zac is planning on doing many more movies this year and many years to come.
Zac had made millions of dollar for all of his popular movies. He is filming an upcoming movie call We are your Friends, with Wes Bentley. The new movie is so post to come out sometime in 2015. Zac been on ellen, saturday night live and many more talk shows.
He has been in over 20 movies and appeared in many t.v. shows over the years.
Efron has won many awards over the years including Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast (shared with Hairspray Cast) in 2007, Hollywood Film Award for Ensemble of the Year (shared with Hairspray Cast) in 2007, MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance in 2007, Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Award for Fave Movie Star in 2007, Palm Springs International Film Festival for Ensemble Cast (shared with Hairspray Cast) in 2007. He also won People's Choice Award for Favorite Song from a Soundtrack (shared with Hairspray Cast) in 2007, Teen Choice Award for Choice Other: Hottie – Male in 2007, Young Hollywood Award for One to Watch in 2007,  and Bravo Otto for TV Star – Male in 2007. Efron says that he still loves acting and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He says that he is still at the beginning of his career.

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