Friday, February 6, 2015

Secrets Shall Be Kept Pt 2.

I throw my phone at the wall and was freaking out. ‘ Now Ami on my mom side, well now I'm out of this ugly relationship’. I walk down starts and sit on the couch, then I thought of how things use to be when my father was alive. I stayed on the couch for hours thinking of things. When I snap out of my thoughts it was 3a.m., but I stayed on the couch for a couple of minutes.
It felt like hours to me. I watch the clock arms move slowly, then I slowly went to sleep. In my dreams they were different then little kids dreams or fake dreams. They felt so real and I dream about someone I couldn’t tell but it was a male. I don’t what this mean at all.
I started running after him in a dark scary place. He go farther and farther away, but I tried sneaking on him. He just goes farther more and more. I heard someone call my name. I look around, then I snapped out of my dreams and open my eyes.
There was my best friend Madison shaking me like I was dead.  When she saw me opening my eyes. She sighed in relief and said”Drew you almost gave me a heart attack”. I sat up and whispered “I'm sorry Maddie”.  She not like other girls,because she know how to handle herself and don't need a relationship.
I look over and there was her crazy friend Nikki. Nikki attack me and said “where you have been Drew?”. I always question with Nikki, but I don't wanna hurt her feelings.  “Here like always”, I replied softly. Nikki got off and grabbed Maddie arm and they went outside.
I layed back and relax on my couch till Maddie came back and yelled “Happy Birthday Andrew!!!”. I sighed, ‘oh great my birthday’ I thought to myself. I got up and grabbed my skate board. “let’s go to the skate park”, I demanded not to harsh. We all skate boarded to the skate park.
I sat on the grass and pick at the grass and throw them in the air watching Nikki eating the grass I throw. ‘Dang what happen to Nikki, She got crazier’ I said in my head. Then after a while of tearing the grass. I just layed down and close my eyes. My mind took me to this safe world where I can be me.
I couldn’t wait for school and see everyone back picking on me. I already almost lost Maddie to suicide. Maddie like a sister to me. If she died I die with her. I felt a pain hit my stomach and it spread to my chest as a wild fire.
I snap my eyes open and it was my skateboard. “Ow..” I groaned. I sit up and saw that Joey threw my skateboard at me. ‘Ughh, Great Joey must of know that Ami and I broke up’. I slowly got up and grab my skateboard, then walk home.
I entered the house quiet and I didn't felt hungry at all, but  I didn't worry about it. I remembered I haven’t ate for two days. I just slide that out of my head and went up stairs. I sat at my computer desk and log in my skype. When I log on I missed 345 calls from Ami today.
‘Not a Surprise’ I thought in my head and saw I have a message from my friend Zeke. He was on skype,so I called him. I waited awhile, but he didn't answered me. I look at the messages. I slowly back away from the computer.
The messages said “Andrew, You hurt Ami. I thought, I trained you better with the ladies, but nevermind. “ I messaged him back “If you knew the truth”. I close my laptop and had a melt down and throw my TV outside in my neighbor yard. ‘Why me? Why all I do is bad? How did Ami find my friend Zeke?’. I walk in and sit in the corner and was having an anxiety attack,but this time I couldn’t control it.
I was losing my mind, so I ran up stairs and took my pills. I layed on my bed curl up in a ball. I was just waiting for my sleep to overcome me. I ended up waiting for a couple of hours then I past out. I didn’t know, how much pills I took, but in my dream it was nice and felt like I have escape the world.
I was in the park on the swing and swinging slowly. I was calm and starring in the sunset. I saw the male again. He look like he has blonde hair and shark bites. He look like my old best friend Johnnie.
I stayed in my swing knowing he will go farther,but He actually got closer and closer. My heart was pumping fast and I was getting very nervous.  I wanted to run and hide ,but I stayed on the swing. When he got close to me that I saw his eyes. It was my old friend Johnnie,but my heart was beating like falling in love.
before I could finish my dream, my alarm clock went off. I woke up in sweat and rubbing my eyes. Great, A day of school. Let’s see who going to jail again. I got off my bed with pain in my chest.
I ignored the pain and just went on with my morning. I rode the bus to school this time, but when I got on there was Ami all dress up. She does this every time she broke up with someone. I walk past her and sit in the back like I usually do. She turn around and walk then one seat up from me. What next get a gun and shoot me.
Maddie got on the bus after me and sit next to me giving Ami a glare. “Hey Drew, Did you heard there a girl in our school who has a crush on you?”, she said very loud. I laughed, cause Ami was getting very mad. Then on I was laughing at Maddie for making Ami mad till we got to school. Maddie and I are usually the last ones, but Ami didn't want to go till we were off.
I felt strange like something was gonna happen. Maddie went to go to Nikki and I went to my locker. I heard Ami crying telling the top jock. I heard him say “I'm gonna kill him”. I smiled and then heard footsteps towards me.
I turn around there was Mark, Joey, Andy.and Eren standing there looking at me like I was a piece of easy prey. Mark grabbed my throat and push me against my locker choking me. I saw the corner of my eye Ami right down the hall laughing with the cheerleaders. I couldn’t loosen the grip and I couldn’t breath at all. This is how I am going die? My mind shut down and I saw the light.
It seemed as I was dreaming and saw Johnnie there. It seemed forever in the dream and I was getting tired of it. All I did in my dream was stay away from the light. I like the darkness better. I heard someone calling my name and I open my eyes slowly.
I look around the room,but my mind was mix up. I saw I was in the hospital. I sit up and there was a note. I hold the note and it said goodbye Drew. I open it and read it.
It was from my mom,but then I didn't want to open it at all. I throw it away and just look outside. I heard the door open and close. I didn’t bother looking up to see who it was. I heard the voice of a very old friend.
“Hey Drew, I thought  I told you no playing chicken without me”, I heard him laugh and look up it was Johnnie. I pulled him in a hug. I felt like crying, but I didn’t want to. “How long was I asleep?” I ask Johnnie curious and tilt my head like a little kid. “Three days at least”, He replied tilting his head too.
I smiled and look out the window. “I better go home”, I said softly. I got up and walk out of my room. “Drew!, wait up” Johnnie said running after me.

To be continued...

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