Thursday, February 19, 2015



My sister had yelled at me for the fourth time tonight saying the same words. Every time I hear “Wake up, wake up!” I snap into reality with the warm touch of soft hands violently shaking me. I had the same dream, no, nightmare over and over again. I don’t want to go back to sleep but, I haven’t slept at all for the past two days, I had probably only gotten two hours of sleep and they weren’t at all peaceful. The effects of my current dilemma caused me to shake and have droopy eyes with a purple circle around them.
My parents noticed my problem right away and already have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to see what the professionals have to say about my problem. I think every part of my nightmare problem has to deal with what happened three weeks ago, I could hardly think of it without sniffling with grief. Long story short my two of my best friends died in the same car accident along with their dad. I cried and cried for two weeks after Lindsey and Lucy died, they were identical twins.
 I used to love going outside and running around with my friends, I didn’t even have to ask my parents they just let me roam freely. Now every time I look outside I see my nightmare. I have the curtains closed for that reason. Right now, I feel so, tired, but I want to stay awake for my sake and for my families. I feel bad for waking them every time I scream in my sleep, why can’t I just have those blank dreams or why did Lindsey and Lucy have to die?
While I had been awake thinking, time passed slower than usual. I got up closed the door and went over to my bed again in an attempt of getting some more sleep. An idea came to my head right before I was about to pass out. I should just get some duct tape then my family will get some sleep. As I was walking to my desk to get one of my various duct tapes I thought then if I can’t be woken up by someone then I’ll stay in my nightmare and I don’t want to see the rest of it. I shook off the thought and decided to just deal what with what I had coming for me.
I stretched a piece of duct tape on my mouth and immediately fell asleep soon after I curled up on my bed. I woke up to my sister again, but her face is more startled than usual. I asked if something worse happened this time.
“I couldn’t go back to sleep so, I came in here with my book to keep an eye on you and when I looked up from my book I saw you were seizing and that’s when I saw the duct tape. I walked over to you to wake you up and take the duct tape off and then you just woke up, but the part that scared me is that you were having a seizure and I thought you and I were both going to have heart attacks!”  She said in trauma.
I looked at her in awe.
“So, I actually had a real seizure?” I asked in concern.
“Yeah and you were flailing your arms and everything, It was scary to see you like that.”
I sighed quietly and just thought to myself for a minute as my sister backed out of my room unnoticed. Why can’t this nightmare just go away, why can’t I just forget the accident? While I got lost in my train of thought it had just turned 9:00am, which means my parents are going to wake up and then I can go to my doctors appointment in two hours. The hospital was an hour away so we will probably leave soon. So I got dressed, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth and waited till my parents were done.
While I was waiting, I realized the car has to drive to the hospital… outside. The outside is my newest fear especially in dim light. I haven’t looked outside yet, but it’s probably well light. My mom came into my room unexpectedly.
“Are you ready to go to your doctors appointment soon?” She said questioned with a big grin on her face like she’s a happy, carefree mom.
“Yup,” I replied
I navigated myself to the vehicle in the garage while in the corner of my peripheral vision I spotted someone who wasn’t my mom. It was Lucy, wait why is she here, was I dreaming of a nightmare this whole time I thought with a traumatized look on my face. Then on the other side of the garage was Lindsey. They sprinted towards me and in unison they shouted,
            “Wake up!”
I woke up screaming then with the sight of my mom sitting next to me I instantly calmed down wondering where I am. Since I was in the car I assumed I was going to the doctors appointment, but everything was blurry and I felt like I was going to throw up. I looked around and then saw it Lindsey and Lucy in the middle of the road I screeched and pointed at them and my mom started swerving like crazy. The car lost control and fell off the road while the world almost stood still. Slower and slower as time passed my vision caught on to reality as we were hurtling down a hill flipping over and over.

            As the car finally stopped tumbling we were upside-down the roof of the car was pushed into my mom's shoulder and blood was smeared all over her face with shards of glass covering her body. Then I saw something that was the most terrifying when I leaned up to see her face I screamed when I saw her eyes staring straight without movement and her skin so pale I knew she was gone. I tried moving my legs but, the place where you put your legs it is bent down so my feet are squished. The unbearable pain shoots throughout my whole body but mostly my feet and head hurt so bad I can’t even feel them. I waited and waited for help but no one came and I was losing blood every second I knew my time was up. The last thought I had in mine was now I’m finally going to get some sleep. The End


  1. Dude this story happened to be one of my favorites because it was so trippy. I wonder how you could even come up with something like this. I really love how you played it all out. It resulted out very smoothly!

  2. I loved the concept of this story. It's well written and one of my favorite stories on here. Good job!


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