Friday, February 6, 2015

The turkey who got ran over

The Turkey Who Got Ran Over!!
            One day there was a little turkey named Ayla, Ayla was on her way to her grandparents when she got hit by a car. Her parents found her dead on the road with a tire mark on her stomach. When they brought her to their house they made a funeral for her right away, they knew that they had to put all of her stuff in the extra room. They dug a big hole and put her in it.  
They all said their  prayers and wished she was still here. But then the mama named Lizzie had a baby turkey named Ellie. Ayla knew she was going to have a baby sister before she died. Lizzie’s Husband’s name is  John George.  When Ellie was Ayla’s age she would get to do anything she wanted to do.
When Ayla passed away, Ellie never got to meet her. But finally, they realized that Ayla was just passed out and had the breath  knocked out of her.  Then, when she got to the hospital, they checked if she could breath, and they were right: she was  DEAD!!! Ayla was dead, it was so sad.  When Lizzie found out that her oldest daughter was dead, she was crying her eyeballs out. When she saw her daughter dead on the road, she called the fire department to come and check it out.   
The parents were so sad, even though Ellie did not get to meet her she saw pictures of her though, she was also sad.Ellie was a little turkey that was not able to go any where because of what happened to her sister Ayla. Ayla was dearly missed.  When they went back to see her at the cemetery,she felt a lot more calm when she saw her daughter. When she was a little turkey she would sit in her yard and do nothing besides run around.
Then a dog named Courtney found Ayla  and took the turkey home and ate it for her supper.  She was not happy after she ate it because the forgot to take the bones out and she ate the bones with all the rest.  When she found out that she ate the bones she was not happy about it at all. Then she got sick and started to die real slow!!!! When her owner found out that her dog ate a turkey that was not cooked, so the the owner took her dog to the vet. The vet said that it was because she ate bones that was not chewed up. She ate them whole.
            Then a week later her dog died. She was so sad and lonely. She bought another dog 2 years later. She named her dog Sadie. Sadie was a Husky mixed lab. She was really pretty and strong. Lizzie, Ellie, and her husband moved to a farm in California.  When they got to California they were looking at houses, they saw a really nice house, they love it. They talked to the owner about it and made an agreement about the house, the owner told Lizzie that she could get the house as long as she keeps it clean.
            Then they got moved in to their new house when Ellie was 7 years old she got a fish. She learned how to take care of it. Then they got a dog named  Sadie.  Sadie loves Ellie. Ellie and Sadie have such a fun time together. When they get together they go crazy. They got a house with an outside pool built in. They have so much in common.

6 Years later….

Ellie was 13 when Sadie died. When Sadie died Ellie did not know what to do any more. Then on a Friday the girls went shopping for clothes for school. The girls had so much fun. Lizzie and Ellie was at the pet store. Lizzie asked Ellie “what she wanted for a pet in the new house”, Ellie said” i want a hamster”.
So they got a hamster and named it Buttercup. When they got home Ellie’s dad saw the hamster and asked what is that????!!! Then the 2 of them got a little cage and found a spot for it in there house. When they got home they were so happy to smell the air of a new house. When they got there stuff unpacked they put their stuff in the area where they belong. No one was expecting a new neighbor.
When they got older they knew that they had to move out where it was closer to a hospital. The father has brain cancer. If it get worse then he will have to a hospital and stay there. But the next day he had to go the hospital because it got worse while he was home he noticed things differnt. When they got to the hospital Ellie had to sit in the waiting room. They were at the hospital for a very long time. They had to spend the night in the room where her father was.  A week later her father died. When her father died she was really sad, then a month later her mom Lizzie found another guy named Tim Magraw. When Ellie met her moms new boyfriend she felt like she did not know who he was because he is a singer. They went to many place’s together.

            3 years later….
Lizzie and Tim Magraw got married and had a little boy named Luke, Luke and Ellie did not like each other. Lizzie would tell Luke to go play with Ellie. Luke says no because they can’t get along. As soon as Luke got older they got along so well better than they did when he was really little. By the time when Luke wanted another sister Lizzie did not want any more kids because the house was full of 2 loud kids. Lizzie’s boyfriend understood what she was saying.

                                                      The end!!

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  1. It is sad because Ayla died. She died by getting hit by a car.


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