Thursday, February 19, 2015

Team Bravo

Team Bravo

Our story begins with a trip to Moscow, Russia where President Putin and Obama start peace talk so join two of the world powers. As talks were finalizing a spectator pulled out a gun and fired three shots at the podium and two struck Putin in the chest. and one landed in the head of the spectators in front of him. President Obama was immediately rushed back to the states and Putin was pronounced dead on the spot as the day ended. The man was identified as a member of a formerly unknown terrorist group S.E.R.G.
As the day ended Obama called a conference to deal with the Serg. He said they would be sending, strike team Bravo to deal with the matter. The only problem was that the location of their base was unknown. To help narrow it down they sent a drone over southern Russia and the northern middle east. They found a secret bunker located in Iraq.

-Back at base ETA 10 hours

Team Bravo is just starting to suit up when John the leader of the team had just received word that the leader of Japan had just been pronounced missing assumed to be kidnapped by the same group that tried to assassinate President Putin instead of a search and destroy mission it has know been pronounced a search and rescue. Also Japan had declared that if he wasn't returned then they would declare world war three.
They would begin the war at sunrise next morning if the leader wasn't returned. As they departed from the base for Iraq they were greeted by even more bad news that congress had elected to declare war on Japan if they didn’t succeed.

-nine hours later ETA 10 minutes
As they began to put on their parachutes a alarm went off that they have been targeted by a missile. It was too late, it slammed into their hull and have the team was hanging on for dear life.
As the pilot tried to keep it in the air he signaled them to jump from nearly 20,000 feet with the plane half on fire they jumped through the hole made by the missile and shortly after the plane blew up behind them.
Now they were dealing with flaming metal as well as hostiles on the ground shooting up.
John had said before they boarded the plane that if any sort of bail was done to head for West side of the mountains. The team then headed west but the would lose 7 hours trying to trek back around to the valley where the bunker was located.

- 8 A.M 16 hours till deadline

The team had successfully made it around the mountain into the valley only killing about 400 Iraqis soldiers as they approached the entrance of the bunker a siren went off similar to the one on the plane but louder. They were all surrounded in seconds they had walk straight into a trap.
10 P.M  two hours till deadline

After integration the were almost out of time and with no hope insight they prepared for the worst. Then a man walked in the leader of Japan.
He said, “Greeting Americans I see you have found my secret bunker, you must all be wondering why I am not tried up like you, but you see I’m am the leader of this group.
He continued his statement by saying. “ The world to day is divided into many nations, that is unacceptable so I staged my own kidnapping to end that. I knew that Japan would declare war to find so I used that to my advantage. So that I can be the soul ruler of the world!
Then the room went black. Tear gas poured into the room someone slipped in and gave the team gas masked, it was like in slow motion. As they reached the exit some the man who gave the  
masks tossed concussion grenades back to the bunker along with self detonate C-4. They found themselves back in some sort of humvee. The mystery man removed his mask and it was Japanese man he spoke in poor english but it was understandable, he said “ I am Huan, I’m the leader of special operation for Japan, we grew suspicious that our leader was missing for weeks at time in the  Middle East.”
John stood up and said, “ Well thanks for the help, but might be too late to warn your government about his switch in loyalties.”
Huan replied, “It may be too late, but we can try, so if your against the end of all nations lets go stop a world war.”

- 11:40 P.M, ETA 40 minutes out from Japan

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