Friday, February 6, 2015


       Football is fun.
      Football is love.
       Football is life.
  Football is not my wife.

  I do not play basketball.
                                    But playing the game with friends is fun.
                                               I don’t care who wins.     Because it is just a game.

      Rugby is stupid.
     It is in my opinion.
         I dont like it.
Because I’ve never played it.

 I used to play baseball.
     I don’t anymore.
     I don’t it like much.
     It’s boring to me.
  I dont’ play Lacrosse.
     Because I don’t know how.
     It looks like football.
              But it looks dumber.

    Curling looks stupid.
      You just sweep ice.
      And push something.
         It requires only brooms and people.

My sisters are annoying.
Sometimes they aren’t.
       Little sisters you really care about.
        You don’t want them to get hurt.

   I wish I had a brother.
We would have lots of fun.
      We would play football in the house.
                      We would get in trouble a lot.

     Winter sucks.
     It is usually cold.
  But sometimes it’s not.
             I don’t like being cold.

        Summer is hot.
      But I like to swim.
                                    Swimming keeps me cool.
                            Summer is the best.

    Spring is okay.
  It’s not my favorite.
  But I still have fun.
Because I like to play football.

Fall is sometimes fun.
I have to rake my yard.
       But then I jump in the leaf piles.
       I help my dad lad the leaves in my grandpa’s truck.

            Some parents are strict.
              Some parents aren’t.
                 Parents get sad.
      Parents get mad.

Video Games
     Video Games are fun.
Some video games are violent.
           Some aren’t.
      I like violent video games.

        Some people don’t.

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  1. I like this story. It has some similarities about me like "I don't like baseball." These are the reasons why I like this story.


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