Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Last Day

The Last Day

Maria Tancos was an average 15-year-old girl.  She lived with her dad and her little brother.  She was told that her mom died of stage three leukemia cancer, but she was only two years old, so she didn’t remember it.  She went to school everyday and played volleyball, basketball, and ran track.  Well, at least she did.  That was before she was murdered.
***Two days earlier***
“Are you going to the basketball game tonight?” Maria asked her best friend, Mackenzie, as they strolled down the hallway.
“Well, I was thinking about it, but I’m not really sure yet,” Mackenzie explained.
“You should. I get to play varsity tonight. I need to run home quick. See you later!” Maria rushed.
“Well then, of course I’ll come and watch you! Good luck!” exclaimed Mackenzie.
Maria quickly walked out of the school.  She got into her car and started it. Fog covered her windshield.  There was a blanket of white on the ground around her car. It was rusted everywhere. The blue paint was chipped all over the front end.  She waited for her car to warm up. Then, she started on her way home.
She pulled into the driveway just as her dad came running out of the house.  He was holding Jack, her younger brother, by the shirt collar.  His face was bright red, and his eyes were puffy. He had tears streaming down his rosy cheeks.  She jumped out of her car.
“Stop! You’re choking him! Stop, now! He can’t breathe!” she screamed.
He dropped him. Jack laid on the ground, gasping for air.
“You’re late,” he demanded.
“Forget that. What were you thinking?” Maria questioned.
“He deserved to die. Just like your mom.” he uttered, rage filling his eyes.
She looked at her brother. Then, she looked back to her dad.
He killed her, she thought. He killed my mother.
“She never had cancer. Did she?” demanded Maria.
“That’s not what I meant. Maria, darling, you know I didn’t kill her. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just caught up in the moment.”
“And you were caught up in the moment when you killed my mom, weren’t you? You didn’t even have a funeral for her,” Maria interrupted. “Just admit it. You killed her, and now you are going after my brother. What were you planning on telling me? That he had cancer too!”
“You shouldn’t have said that, Maria,” he continued.
He grabbed the sleeve of her sweater and yanked her inside. She began kicking, but she couldn’t get loose. He was 250 pounds of pure force; she was nothing against his strength. It was like fighting a baby rhino. He grabbed the side of her head with a tight grip and slammed it against the wall. Then, everything went black.
She slowly opened one eye at a time. Nothing looked familiar. It was almost completely black other than a faint glow from the lamp in the far corner. She could hear footsteps and screaming above her. It was Jack.
“What is he doing to him?” she panicked.
She started throwing her fists against the wall in an effort to get someone’s attention, but there was nobody to save her. All of a sudden, the screaming stopped. A body slammed against the floor above her and didn’t move. Fear ran across her mind. It can’t be Jack. It just can’t, but it was. He was clearly dead, and her dad was the killer.
Before she knew it, hundreds of tears were covering her eyes.  She could hardly breathe. Her brother was all she had.  She grew up without a mother and about half a father. Now, she had nothing.
The stomping continued. Except, they were coming closer. They were coming down the stairs to this unknown room. They had lived in this house since she was born. How did she not know about this room? The door soared open. A big figured stood in the doorway. The light shone on him just right.  His skin looked dark, and his eyes were glowing like a cat under the moon light.
“You know too much, and now there’s nowhere for you to go,” he said, as she crawled back.
He grabbed the collar of her sweater and yanked her to her feet. She felt a hand slap against her face. Her cheek felt warm. It felt as if a bee had stung her.  He threw her against the wall. She slipped down until she hit the floor.
“Please, just tell me what happened to my mom. I have to know,” Maria begged.
“I beat her. I beat her until she died,” the words stumbled out of his mouth. “She begged and pleaded, but once I started, I couldn’t stop.  I was furious. She was crying and had bruises everywhere. I couldn’t see her like that, so I had to finish it. I shattered her skull against the wall right where you are,” her dad told her as a single tear ran down his cheek.
Maria was shaking in fear. She was huddled in a pitch black corner. There was a blanket to her left. She began to crawl under it. She covered her face in the rugged fleece fabric. There was something with her under the blanket though.  She slowly ran her fingers along the carpet until she felt the touch of a dead body on her finger tips. She didn’t panic. She knew who it was. She wrapped the body’s arms around her body as tightly as she could. Her eyes closed tightly. A sweaty palm began to get tangled in her hair. He began to move her head away from the wall. Then, all at once he shattered her skull against the wall. She was left there to die in her mom’s arms.


  1. I love how you choose such a good topic.You strive for good ideas and its so suspenseful. You made it so action packed. You did a great job.

  2. This was a great PPOW it was very action packed and when I read it, it went by so fast because it was good. You did great with this PPOW!


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