Thursday, February 19, 2015

Five Nights At Freddy's

Five Nights At Freddy's

This story has a lot of backgrounds, but trust me they are not good backgrounds. I wanted a job a long time ago. I found one in the newspaper and thats when it began.
“Oh wow, this job looks new and improved,” said the person. He went into the building and he seen what looked ok, but it really wasn't. He saw a bear, bunny, and a bird animatronics standing up on the stage with kids jumping up and down. He walked over to the office and asked for a job there.
The mayor told him, “Kid, you will need guts to work here, you up to it?” He was stunned and thought “Guts?” He looked at the mayor hopeless. Then he could hear the bear and the bunny talking to each other like they had something incommand.
“Mr. Mayor? What are these things and how can the talk?” He stuttered without even thinking. The mayor got up and told him everything. “These are what we call animatronics. The purple bunny is named Bonnie. The Bird holding her cupcake is named Chica. Now the big one, is Freddy Faz Bear. There is a story about the bit of 1987.” The Mayor was saying. “What story?” Mikey wanted to know badly. “Foxy the pirate, killed a little girl by eating her head off.” Mickey looked at him scared.
The mayor stood up and told him if he was to get a job here he would have to be a night guard. “Now young boy what’s your name?” The mayor asked kindly. “ My name is Mikey.” Mikey told him. Mikey looked over to the place with the curtains closed.
“Sir may I ask you what that is behind the curtains?” The mayor stood up and walked out there with Mikey. “This is Foxy. He was shut down because he went out of control.” The mayor exclaimed while opening the closed curtains. Mikey saw an old torn up fox looking animatronic.
“Why is he out of order and why is he torn to bits?” Mikey asked curiously. The mayor looked at him with a fear like in his eyes. “Mikey, Foxy can’t be moved or touch understood?” The mayor said fearfully. “But why can’t he be like the other animatronics?” Mikey walked over to Foxy and looked at him carefully.
“Because,” The mayor claimed. “ He just can’t and you will find out soon.” The mayor went to the back and grabbed his suit. “Here you will need this.” The mayor threw it at him. Mickey took it and went into the men’s bathroom. He got dressed into the suit. The mayor told him that he was going out and told him to watch the place while he is out. Mikey walked out to the dinner room and couldn’t find bonnie. “Bonnie?”
“Hello There! Hahaha,” Bonnie said behind him without him knowing. “Oh there you are bonnie,” Mikey said in a scared way. “I thought you were supposed to be up on the stage?” All Bonnie did was stare at him, then his eyes went black with a little white in the middle. Mickey backed up and hit something.
“ARG! well what do we have there laddy.” Mikey looked back to see Foxy behind him. “F-F-Foxy you're not supposed to be out?!”  Mikey was shocked in fear. “I’m nice believe me, I want to be yer friend!” Foxy said in a kind way. Mikey stood silently looking right at Foxy.  Mikey told Foxy that he would be his friend.
So one night Mikey was sitting in the office and then all of a sudden Chica was by his window. He turned on the lights to see what was out there and seen her. “Chica?!” Mikey screamed in a little fear. He runs up to the door and shuts it fast. “Mikey, Would you like some pizza?” Chica softly asked.  Mikey shook his head while Chica walked off sadly.
By the time it was four A.M Foxy came and knocked on the door. Mikey looked at the camera to see Foxy holding stuff for him. Mikey slowly opens the door for Foxy to come in. Foxy slowly  puts a box of pizza down and a soda. Mikey took it and waited for six A.M. When the clock turned six A.M Mikey was done with his job and packed up to leave.
Foxy looks at Mikey while he was leaving the building. Foxy wanted to jump out and give him a hug, but Foxy knows he can’t. Mikey slowly leaves the place and wasn’t seen for years.  Every night Foxy would just sit there and start to cry a little. Then one day someone came in and asked for the job for the rest of his life.
“Mr. Mayor? I would love this job forever. May I keep my job here?” The mystery person said. “Yes if you really want to then you may.” The Mayor left the building. Foxy came out around four A.M and was ready to scare the new person. Foxy runs as fast as he can then when he gets there screams loud. He stopped screaming and seen who it was.The new guy looked at Foxy, and Foxy’s bottom jaw falls down.

“Hello Foxy,” He said nicely “ Long time no see?” “ARG! It’s Mikey everyone he’s back!” Foxy runs up to him and gives him a hug. Foxy couldn’t believed what happened that night. But this story, Its just the beginning.


  1. That was a very nice story:) I hope you write another story for this. I love it! (:

  2. Thank You Nora That Was Kind Of You


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