Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brief Case

One day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil a drug deal was about to be made at the airport when Juan Pablo switched his brief case for someone else’s. In Juan’s case he had three packages of meth and in the other man’s case he had his clothes and his wallet for vacation. The other man’s name was Jorge Sanchez and he was here to hang out with his friends and all the beach babes.

Tonight it was about to go down when BOOM!!! The airport exploded and everyone had to evacuate the premises and fire trucks, an ambulance, and the police had to come to put out the fire and save the lives of others. Jorge, and a random guy named Ted, ran into each other and they got their briefcases mixed up and they had one another’s case. Juan got to his house and Jorge got to his resort suite and Ted got to his house. Juan was spending hours during the day searching for his case, so he went through the security cameras from the airport and he found the guy. His name was Jorge Sanchez, and he was a successful car manager at Nissan of Omaha, Nebraska. Juan tracked Jorge down and he finally figured out where he was staying and so he sent five guys to go retrieve the briefcase from him, but when they got there they called Juan and they told him that the guy doesn’t have the briefcase. So when he found that out he went there and he pulled out his Colt 1911 pistol and shot him in the head. Luckily, the pistol was silenced, so no one could hear the gunshot.

After he shot Jorge he went back to his house and started to search again and again for months until he found him, Ted Turdmobile only there is thirteen Ted Turdmobiles all around the world. There was three from the United Kingdom, four from China, and six from Brazil. So, Juan decided to look at their information who lived in Brazil. He is currently tracking one of them down he lives in the crappy part of Brazil where all of the poor people live at. They all live in cardboard boxes or on the curbs with nothing but one blanket for five people. When Juan reached the guy he knew that he couldn’t have been at the airport because he is very poor, so he just walked up to the guy and point blank shot him in the head. Blood was everywhere his cardboard box was very bloody.
He led on with his search to find the drugs when he realized that today, February 17, 2015 was the day where he was supposed to deliver the drugs to a biker gang full of big guys who looked like they were brutes. When he got there to meet with the bikers he told them that he lost the drugs at the airport and he has been looking for the drugs ever since. The bikers were furious, they got so mad that one of them tore off the exhaust pipe from his motorcycle and he bent it in half. Juan told the bikers that he would get it back soon and the bikers told him that he has two weeks to find the drugs otherwise he will die. It took Juan 13 days to find the right guy. After killing the others one by one he found the guy at a local grocery store buying milk, eggs, and bacon. He was going to kill him right then and there, but realized that he wouldn’t be able to know where the briefcase is without following him and interrogating him, so that night he followed the guy everywhere he went. He first went to his mom’s apartment because he had to give the groceries to his mom who lived in an apartment. The next place he went to was his dad’s house because he thought it would be nice to see his dad since he hasn’t seen him since he left there house when Juan was a little boy. On that morning at two o’clock Juan decided that it would be a good time to see Ted face-to-face and find out where the drugs were. When Juan went in there Ted

woke up because Juan kicked the door open and when Ted woke up he immediately grab his shotgun because he knew that it was a guy looking for the drugs. When they looked at each other they both pulled the trigger and Juan’s foot was shot. Ted told the guy that he already sold the drugs to a biker gang who were in the United States where Juan couldn’t go because he didn’t have any money to buy a passport. Juan got up really quick and made an attempt to get up and get out the door when BOOM!!! Ted shot and killed Juan with a Spas-12 shotgun. The biker gang was furious because they never got their drugs, so they went to Juan’s grave and shot his casket with AK47’s, then they burnt his casket, and Ted went to jail for murder and possession of drugs and possible drug use.

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  1. this PPOW was really good. I like the part when the suit case got switched.


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