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February PPOW

Jim Carrey

James Eugene Carrey, also know as Jim, was born on January 17, 1962.  He was raised in Ontario, Canada.  Percy and Kathleen Carrey were his parents.  Jim had four siblings and was the youngest.  His mother was a housewife, and his father was an accountant.  He worked hard at his job to keep their family together.  He has been in the United States since 2004.  When he was in junior high he would perform little funny shows for his classmates, the teacher set aside a couple minutes after class so he could preform.  At the age of ten he had already knew he wanted to be an actor so he emailed his resume to the Carol Burnett Show.  When Carrey was 14 his father lost a lot of money and the family had a hard time.  When Carrey got into high school he dropped out to focus more on his career.  
In 1979 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.  Carrey met and married Melissa Womer and they had a daughter named Jane.  After Melissa and Jim got divorced he found a new love her name was Lauren Holly.  They were married, and a short year after were divorced.  Carrey knew at a young age he wanted to make people laugh, he wanted to fill them with joy.  When Carrey was little his family did not have much money, but they managed to get him into the acting career. Until right before Ace Ventura: Pet Detective no one was interested in making Carrey a star.  After he was in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective he was a huge hit and
He is an actor and a comedian.  In 1984 he finally landed his first acting job as a cartoonist in the show The Duck Factory.  Next, he starred in Once Bitten in 1985.  In 1986 he was in the movie Peggy Sue Got Married. After, the comedy show In Living Color in the year of 1990.  His career started to pick up in the 1990s. Reviews show that his best movie Jim Carrey was in was the role he played in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 1994.  Carrey really found success after he played in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Carrey showed a new side of acting after the movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  After Ace Ventura: Pet Detective his salary yearly was seven million dollars.  In 1994 his next movie, The Mask he played a superhero.  In December of 1994 he started to film the movie Dumb & Dumber.  In the movie Dumb & Dumber he played Loyd who was a dumb man who had a friend named Harry.  His next movie did not give him any advantages on his career.
Replacing Chris Farley in 1996 in the movie The Cable Guy but the movie turned out to be a big disappointment, it also had a low budget.  He bounced back with his next movie which is my favorite movie that he has starred in it was called Liar Liar, it was also a big hit.  Liar Liar was a movie about a dad who always lies to people and he missed his son’s birthday, so his son’s birthday wish was that his dad would not lie for a whole day.  The son got what he wish for.  In 1998 he won a golden globe award for best actor of the year.  After this movie Carrey decided to just focus on movies.  In 1999 he played the role of a funny man in the movie Man on the Moon.
In 2000 Carrey played a role of a state trooper in the movie Me Myself & Irene.  This movie was about two different men falling in love with the same movie.  After this movie was over they announced their relationship to the public.  His next movie was a great Christmas movie.  In 2000 Carrey played the role of the Grinch in the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  This movie was about Grinch (Jim Carrey) who was trying to take Christmas from the town.  Similar to the cartoon How The Grinch Stole Christmas but this is not animated movie had more reviews. Lots of people liked this one better because it was more realistic.
Carrey was in a lot of comedy movies.  The next movie he starred in was Bruce Almighty, in the year of 2003.  This movie was about Bruce having powers because he thinks he is god, he played with Jennifer Aniston .  In 2011 he played in the movie Poppers Penguins which was a family movie, but still comedy.  In this movie his dad died and sent his a penguins.  He got the penguins and his kids liked them so he kept them, he ended up with eleven penguins.  At the end of the movie he kept the penguins and took care of them. In 2008 he played in the movie Yes Man.   In 2014 he played in the second movie of Dumb & Dumber To with the same actors.  It was also a movie about Lloyd and Harry’s adventures.
Jim Carrey has not made any other movies.  Jim Carrey is one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood.  In Jim Carrey’s earlier career he was just on shows and short films now he has made over a dozen movies.  Carrey has become one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.  He has been a great actor and he did pursue his dream.  Jim Carrey has been a big hit in his career.  Jim Carrey is famous for his acting and comedian career but mostly his acting career.  Jim Carrey has been in over a dozen movies and over five talk shows.
Even with children Jim Carrey has been an amazing actor that a lot of producers and directors have come to love and want him to been in there movies.  He has a lot of potential. When he is off camera’s and away from the critics and paparazzi he always finds away to get noticed.  And that in why Jim Carrey is such a great actor.

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  1. I thought your PPOW was great! I liked how you put it in sequential order. I also liked how you added how great of an actor he was at the end. Overall I thought this PPOW was great.


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