Thursday, February 19, 2015

February PPOW

Amethyst’s Log

 ~January 1, 2345~
            Happy New Year! This year my goal is to keep a log of what is happening around me. I will try to write two times a month on set dates. I would write more, but I am always busy. Hopefully my life will not bore you. I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to do.
~January 10, 2345~
            I suppose that you will want to know more about me. Well, I am 14 years old and I’m in eighth grade.  I love making things, but they are not normal crafts. I usually make small robots and other inventions.  I have made my own cellphone, computer, and I made a car. It didn’t make it too far before crashing into a tree. I intend to make something that will change the world.
~February 2, 2345~
When I started school last month, I decided to take a robot programing coarse. The story goes, I was doing well answering all of the questions correctly and I made a really cool robot for the project. I showed how it worked and the teacher got mad. She started telling me that my project was beyond amazing and that I don’t need to take this class, so she removed me from it. The nerve of her! Anyway I will think about combining the two for my future career.
~February 7, 2345~
            I feel like writing in a log will help me record what will happen in my life. I would love to continue doing these types of things forever. If I were willing to I would do something along writing for my future career. My English teacher says that I would do better along a science carrier path instead. I don’t know if I want to because people think it is silly. You know, “I’m the nerd of the school.” That’s what everyone calls me. I don’t mind, but sometimes it gets to me.
~March 8, 2345~
            I couldn’t write because I lost my log! You would never guess where I found it either. My mom had it and was reading it! It’s not really a big deal, but she didn’t even tell me she had it! This made me really mad and I didn’t talk to here for about three days. After that I felt bad and told her I was sorry. She said sorry as well and all was forgiven, that was until she stole my new book I was reading. Of coarse she didn’t know any better than to ask me first.
~March 24, 2345~
Today we didn’t have school, so I decided to start making something. Don’t ask what it is though, I haven’t figured that out yet. It will probably be something simple because I have no new ideas as of now. I usually keep my ideas in a notebook, but I have not done so I a long time, so all of my ideas are old and I have finished them. Unless I think of something amazing to do, I will do something simple.
~April 9, 2345~
            I finally figured out what to do with my unused time. On the news there were scientists that announced that they were going to have a science fair at my school in May. I was thinking about making these glasses that would allow seeing “past what you can see.” It would allow you to see the chemical makeup of items or the elements in the air, I don’t completely know yet. I’ll keep you posted.  
~April 20, 2345~
            The glasses are coming along nicely. I have made the frames. They are pretty basic. The only difference is that they are wired to connect (not physically) to the Cerebrum portion of your brain. This not only allows you to see beyond what you can see, but it also allows you to feel things and hear things not even dogs can. Basically it magnifies your senses to their maximum.
~May 4, 2345~
            Today I will be testing my invention. I have been testing it on other animals such as mice and rats. They really didn’t react to it, so I guess I will have to find out myself. I have tested it many times and the rats were the same afterward, so what do I have to be afraid of?

            If you are reading this by now something has gone wrong with my test. I have managed to write this in my current state. The glasses have taken me “past what I could see.” It seems as if I have been here for days, but I know I can return home.

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