Tuesday, February 17, 2015



My dogs like to be petted.
My dogs like to go hunting.
My dogs like to go swimming,
in the pool at my house.
My dogs like to eat.
My dogs favorite table scrap is bacon hamburger.
My dogs like their puppies.
My dogs like to run around.
My dogs like to dig.
My dogs like to get in the mud.
My dogs like to jump and play with me.
My dogs like to follow me around.
My dogs are Jack Russell Terriers.
My grandpa loves my dogs.

My favorite fish to catch is bass.
My favorite fish to eat is crappie and blue gill.
My favorite place to fish is farm ponds.
My favorite place to buy tackle is Bass Pro Shop.
My favorite pole is a bass pole.
My favorite line for my pole is Spider Web.
My favorite bait is a top water frog.
My favorite jig is crankbait.

I shot a 20 gage shot gun.
I was only 10 when I shot my first mallard.
I was 12 when I shot my first drake.
My favorite duck call is a copperhead duck call by duck commander.
Deer drugs  are salt that is ground up and they smell it and it goes to their brain and knocks them out.
When you are hunting deer,
you have no fear.
You kill you shoot.
You skin, you gut,
you eat, and you make jerky!

Duck Hunting
You pick up your 12 gauge shot gun.
You quack them.
You stack them.
You call them in with a duck call.

Halloween is scary.
Halloween is ghostly.
You get lots of candy.
You chose your customs.

Snow is for Santa’s sleigh.
Christmas lights are colorful and decorate the tree.
We celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.
Presents are plentiful.
Giving is better than receiving.
Family gatherings are memorable.
Traditions to the movies happen yearly.
Ice fishing with family during the vacation break is cold.
Duck hunting with my uncle happens is wild.

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