Wednesday, May 20, 2015



You give me butterflies.
When I’m with you,
I’m happier then
When it’s summertime.
Being without you
Is like telling
The sun
It’s not allowed
To rise.
When I see you
I get so energized.
I would tell
You the entire love
Story, but it
Needs to be summarized.
When I first met you,
My heart was
But now
That I have you,
My heart is fully revived.
I won a contest,
And you're my prize.
You’re what defines
My life.
I may say it too much,
But I love your eyes.
I also love you
More, than I
Enjoy fries.
One day, we’ll
Grow old together
And become wise.
You're the sunlight,
In my dark,
Sparkly sky.
It’s like, you don’t
Realize that
You're designed as the
Absolute perfect guy.
You’re so
Accomplished, that you
Don’t even have to try.
Everytime I see you
I think I’m
Going to die
Because of such a
Beautiful sight.
I’m just so glad that
You’re mine.
To be honest,
I feel like you’re
My own personal
Cloud nine.
I seriously need
You to get off
My mind.
You're never unkind.
You couldn't hurt a
No matter what happens,
I’ll never leave you
And even if
You were blind,
I’d still be
By your side.
That way you know,
There’s no such thing
As goodbyes.
So if there’s no
Such thing as
Then our love

Will never die.

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