Friday, May 22, 2015



PPOW’s, they’re the thing that makes us better at English. Sure, it may seem helpless at sometimes, but it will come in handy. You will be able to just have the amazing feeling that you're proud English teacher, in my case, it’s Mr. Ross, is very proud of their young students learning how to write a good story, or in my case, a terrible story on PPOW’s. He is one of the best teachers ever. He might seem a little mean at sometimes. I have known him since I was very young.
He and my mother were friends. Anyway, to get back to my story, PPOW’s do a lot for you when you have to do a story or a report for class. They will improve your writing skills, and maybe even your typing skills if you’re trying for that. You will love the fact that you know that you can just feel like for a little while when you're typing them, that you can write maybe just a kinda good story. I don’t like PPOW’s, but that’s just my opinion.
PPOW’s aren’t very fun when you’re typing them, but the reason for me is because I can’t ever think of anything. After you’re done typing the PPOW’s, you can just feel happy for some time. The hours into making a PPOW is critical. It takes some time to make one. Whenever I’m making my PPOW’s, like right now, it usually takes me a few hours, unless I have no idea of what I want to type then it takes forever.
Mr. Ross says that making PPOW’s help with our typing skills by trying to make us faster and remember the buttons and the placement of the button’s so we don’t have to look at the keyboard and just look at the screen. I don’t personally think that will work, but it does. Whenever I’m typing a PPOW, I sometimes look up at the screen and just know that I can at least type a few sentences without looking at the screen. He love’s PPOW’s though and I can’t figure out why. We get our PPOW’s at the end of our 12th grade year, and this one I’m going to be disappointed with.
All of my PPOW’s have been actually good. This one, not so much. Most of the greatest writer’s most likely had to type something close to this. These are some of  world’s greatest writers: William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Leslie What, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Williams Faulkner, Jane Austen, James Joyce, Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov, and so forth.
These fine writers and the editors of these stories had to go through a lot for these fans of the books. They had to come up with so many ideas and most of them got turned down by the public. My grandma’s favorite book by Williams Shakespeare was Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t really like it so much because of all the lovey dovey stuff. It sickened me.
Anyway to get back to the thing I was originally writing about, PPOW’s are just something that can make someone proud of what they’re writing about. I sometimes like to listen to other people when they’re sharing their PPOW’s when they can actually understand what they typed instead of it being so random like mine. Since I have shared all of my other PPOW’s, I don’t need to share this one. I didn’t really have a idea for this one, so I just really started to type up the first thing that came to my head. This was really just a really bad idea to type about this.
The enjoyment of hearing other people’s ideas make me happy because it gives me a somewhat an idea.

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