Friday, May 22, 2015

The Babysitter

There once was a babysitter, and her name was Liset. Liset got up one morning to get ready to go babysit Kyla, and Thalia. Kyla and Thalia were only four years old so they couldm’t stay at their house all by themselves or they might destroy the house. It is also just not good to leave four year olds left alone. It took Liset about two hours to get ready and leave to go watch the kids. When she got there the kids went straight up to her to jump on her they gave her a big hug.
The mom of the two kids walked up to Liset and said, “Here is a list of things that you need to do while I am gone. I will be home by two A.M. I expect everything done on that list.”
“Okay, I promise by the time you get home everything on that list will be done,” replied Liset.
“If everything isn’t done on that list then you will not be paid, you will also not be able to babysit my kids ever again,” explained the mom.
While the mom walked out the door the kids would beg and beg and beg to go outside. Liset wouldn’t let them go play outside because there was a blizzard outside. Liset knew that their mom wouldn’t allow them to go outside in this kind of weather. The kids got really mad at her; they didn’t even want to listen to anything that she said, but they had to. While the kids were angry at Liset, she started to do the things on the list.
The first thing on the list was to cook dinner for the kids. Liset didn't know how to cook very well. One thing that she tried to cook was spaghetti. When she was cooking the spaghetti she didn't boil the noodles first, she also didn't cook the meat. What Liset did was just throw the hard noodles, raw meat, and spaghetti sauce into a pan and started cooking it.
When Thalia and Kyla got there food they told Liset, “this isn't spaghetti, this is blob.”
“Why don’t you just make dinner then,” complained Liset.
“Fine, I will, since I can actually cook,” yelled Kyla.
“While you cook I will do the laundry,” Liset said calmly.
Liset had Thalia show her where the laundry room was and had her gather all the cloths up for her. When Thalia showed Liset the laundry room Liset shouted “I will never get all this laundry done before your mom comes home.”
“ Yes you will,” exclaimed Thalia.
Luckily for Liset there was more than one washer and dryer. So she got two loads done at once. After she started the first two loads the food was done, she went upstairs to go get some food and while she was eating, she was reading everything on the list. That list had multiple thinga that had to be done. After they were done eating she went to check on the laundry to see if it was done. When she went down there the washer and dryer weren't even working. At first she went to go look to see if the cloths were washed and they weren’t. So she went to go find a hand washer.
Liset began hand washing the clothes.  There is no way I can get this done in this short amount of time, Liset was thinking to herself. Then she thought of rainbows and cupcakes to make herself smile, for some odd reason. Realizing she was daydreaming she snapped back to reality.As the water was running into the tub, she went upstairs to go see if the kids would like to help with the extra chores. They clearly said, “No.” But she made them do it anyways.
They whined their little butts off until they couldn't whine anymore. Then eventually Liset got tired of their whining, and left the room so she couldn't hear them anymore. She had Kyla do the dishes and Thalia help with the laundry because she doesn't whine as much as Kyla. Thalia actually had fun doing the laundry just by hand.
Thalia hated doing the dishes. She would yell and yell and yell at Liset, since she made her do the dishes. No matter what Liset would say she would constantly yell at her and would not be nice to Liset. Liset told her well if you don’t want to do the dishes then choose something on the list that you might like to do. Then Thalia read through the list of things that had to be done and she chose cleaning the rooms. Thalia went through the house and started cleaning every single room. By the time Thalia was done cleaning the rooms all the dishes and laundry were done.
All  they had left on the list of things to do was vacuum, sweep, mop, clean counter, and clean the bathroom. Liset divided up everything almost equally. Liset decided that she would clean the bathroom since  there are many things that have to be done in the bathroom. She also decided that Thalia would have to clean the counters and mop. Then the last two things, Kyla would have to do and those two things are vacuum and sweep. By the time they finished everything on the list they were all tired and they sat on the couch. There was 10 minutes left until Thalia and Kyla’s mom would come home. When their mom came home they were very surprised that everything was done. Everything was even spotless, their mom was shocked like she froze.
“They only reason why I gave you that big list was because I thought that you wouldn't be able to finish everything on time,’ said Thalia and Kyla’s mom.
“Well we got everything done, aren't you amazed,’ responded Liset.
“What do you mean we,” questioned the mom.
“Your kids helped me with the chores.” Liset said with excitement, “they are amazing 4 year olds.”
“Well thank you for watching my kids for me and having them help around the house, it means alot.” Explained the mom, “here is your money and have a safe ride home.”

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