Friday, May 22, 2015

Case 169

It was a cold gloomy night and the moon was shiny bright. I had just received a threat note and I had notified the police. They said I would be just fine and that they would look into the problem. I knew there must have been something about the note that drove me crazy. I was on my porch when suddenly I was hit in the head lying not unconscious, but dead.
My name is Po and last name is Tato and this is the start to my case. A women named Reeta Freddy also to be know as my fiance. She died while I was out of town on a important case that was solved just yesterday I came back and saw her dead. As soon as I called my boss and told him about the case he instantly gave me the job. From that point on I have been trying to solve her case.
It has been only about a year and I am still trying to find her killer. My boss insisted that we dropped the case, but I kept going. I had looked over the letter she had received over and over again. I looked on the back of it and seen the letters CJ I thought of any possibilities of what it had meant. “The name of the group or maybe the name of the leader,” I thought to myself.
A few days later the case was dropped and that was also the day I had quit my job. The last words out of my mouth with the job where, “You drop the case you drop me!” And so thats what I did. I had walked outside of the building I once worked in and saw a man running away from another death with the letters CJ on the back of his coat. I instantly chased him down.
He turned his head around and noticed me and yelled behind him in a brooklyn accent, “You don’t want to do this Po!”
I tackled him as he had started to drink from a oddly small container and I shouted at his face, “Tell me who you are now before this fist becomes your lunch!”
“Alright Po, but listen man when I tell ya what I did don't get crazy alright man!” It wasn’t my fault it was my bosses doing not me I do this job for the good of the people you know what I’m sayin?”
“Look pall if I dont get answers I will go crazy.”
“Alright Po my name is John, John Freeta.” he coughs loudly and blood spurts out as he does so.
I look down to my left and notice a bones and skull on the label of the container he drank from I turn it around and notice the words poison on the front of it. I scream in his face, “Tell me your leader!”
“Darn you!”
I inspect his body and see many other threaten notes in his coat. One of which had the name of this victim on it, George, just plain George no last name was placed on the threat note. I thought to myself “George, George, George, George,” I then instantly thought,George Hager!” I remember him and his wife where the nicest in town always so welcoming never rude or impolite.
I search more of the man's coat and find a letter from the leader of CJ himself, but no name on it so I read the note that states, “Dear John Freeta, I want you to kill George Hagar right after your done taking care of buisness with a in particular someone. You know his name and you know how cautious you must be.” I go ahead and head over to his wifes house if she noticed any suspicious activity with her husband. As soon as I knock on the door I hear say, “Just a minute,” but it wasn’t like she was last time. I could notice she sounded depressed rather than about a week ago.
She opens the door greeting me inside to sit down.
“Oh Po! So, what brings you here today?”
She looks confused as why I would be here.
“I’m here to talk about George.”
“Yes, about him, George hasn’t been himself lately. For the past few days he has been pushing me away and not being close to me as normal. He was going to talk about it tonight.”
“Yea about that,”
I itch the back of my head trying to think of a way to break it down to her when suddenly the phone rings. She then picks up.
“Hello? She whispers to me, “listen to this,” she clicks the phone on speaker.
A odd voice comes out of the phone, “You have 2 minutes to cough up 5,000 dollars or you will end up just like your husband sweetie ya got that.”
“What, who-who is this!”
I can see her makeup run down her face.
“Thats not important right now what's important is your life be ready in 2 mins.”
“How am I-.” She starts crying on my shoulder. “Is-is he dead?”
“Yes,” I look at the right side of me and look below me and notice my gun gone. I realize I don't have any of my old equipment. “Look we need to get ready and fast! Do you have any guns or any sort of weapon?”
“I have my grandfathers old military knife from Nom.”
“Show it to me and fast!”
I look outside and see 2 cars. The men inside had just started to get out of there cars. They had fully loaded guns there were about 4 of them. She tosses the knife to me just as they broke through the door.

They instantly shot her like it was nothing and then turned to me as I was in a swing motion with the knife to the odd mans face and he kicks me in the face and I black out. END.


  1. This PPOW is very intriguing and leaves you hanging at the end. You did a very good job adding in the characters thoughts to add more details to the story.

  2. Mike, I thought your ppow was a very interesting with an un-predictable outcome. I really loved how the couple crimes mentioned, went together. I also liked how the person telling the story was actually a character. I believe that it made your story come more to life because I actually felt like I was in Po's place. It was a fantastic story. Great job!

  3. Mike J thought that you did a great job righting this story and was CJ Chris Johnsen?


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