Friday, May 22, 2015


Best of times

Some times are bad,
and they can make you mad.
Some times make you happy and glad,
they make your day lots of fun,
and you’ve never had a day just like this one.

In the morning the farmers rise and shine,
and you feed the swine.
On Sundays town folk wake up at half past nine,
to hear the church bells ring,
they get embarrassed if their phone rings.

Some people have brunch,
some people have lunch,
and some people don't have time to munch.

Dinner is family time.
My grandma’s cooking is mighty fine,
but my grandpas is sublime.

Study Hall
Study hall is dumb.
It makes our brains numb.
We don't have fun.
We all act like bums,
until friday.

One fish,
two fish,
three fish,
knocks at my door.
They ask for a place to stay;
these fish are really poor.
I give them a blanket and let them sleep in the hay.
In the morning they are running away
the roosters scared them far from the hay.

After school,
we go to the pool.
Some kids like to act cool.
We have lots of fun in the summer,
but with rain it's a bummer.

Roller coaster
Some go fast,
some are slow,
some go in loops,
some go up and down.
Some go round and round.
Some are in the air,
some are on the ground,
some are underground.
Some are scary,
some make you queasy,
just take it nice and easy.
Some make you laugh,
some make you cry,
but mostly
its a fun ride.

Water can be in many forms.
Aater can be rain,
water can be snow,
water can be frozen balls of ice.
Water can freeze,
water can melt,
water can condense,
water can evaporate.
Water is our way of life,
without water we wouldn't survive.

People love food.
We make it, we buy it, we sell it, and we eat it.
We can’t seem to get enough,
some people let their appetites grow to be enormous,
and some cut their appetite to be the smallest.
Without food we would have no might,
people would starve,
people would panic,
people would kill.
Some people would not live,
some people do not appreciate what they get,
some people take others for granted.
There are people who work hard for your food.
Be thankful that we all have enough food.


  1. I really like how much thought and time was put into the PPOW and the separate poems. I can see you spent some long hours on this PPOW and I really appreciate that.

  2. These are true and make sense. In ever part the you started a new poem, you made the things in that one fit in it very well.


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