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My grandparents take my family on a vacation every other summer. Two summers ago my grandparents wanted to surprise us on what we would be doing for vacation. They just told us to pack a week's worth of clothes and we would not be traveling by plane. We drove to my grandma’s because we were planning to stay a night at her house before we left for vacation. She said that she would tell us what she planned when we arrived.
As soon as we pulled into the driveway I knew what we were doing. There was a huge R.V. parked in their yard. My grandma said that they planned a week long R.V. trip to Mt. Rushmore. My brothers were excited about the trip. They loved the R.V. idea.
I was not thrilled about it. I did not want to spend a week in a R.V. with my family. You could never have one minute by youself. Not even when you went to the bathroom, which was thanks to my oldest brother. Tyson thought it would be a great idea to try and climb onto the top bunk bed by climbing on the bathroom door.
The door was not very sturdy to start with and it broke under Tyson’s weight. My grandpa thought it was the funniest thing in the world and laughed forever, but that was mostly because my grandma was in the bathroom when it happened. She on the other hand did not find it funny. Everybody started to get bored just sitting in the R.V. all the time. We stopped at camp sites so that we didn’t have to drive at night.
One of the sites was by a rodeo that Grandma wanted to go to. My brother got to sit on a huge live bull named Cupcake to take a picture. My grandpa tried to get me to sit on it, but there was no way that was happening. Over all, the rodeo was not the worst part of the trip. When we were on our last day in the R.V. before we reached South Dakota.
My grandma thought it would be fun to watch the movie R.V. that day. Thats when I thought about how the trip could be much worse than I thought it was. Mt. Rushmore was cool to look at, but it got boring after about five minutes. My favorite part about the whole trip was the zoo we went to. I found it way more fun then Mt. Rushmore was.
The best part about the the zoo was when my dad told my mom, who is deathly afraid of snakes and can’t even watch them on t.v, that there was a snake that got loose. At first my mom didn't believe him at all because she didn’t hear anyone talking about it. Then dad went and bought a stuffed one from the gift shop. He waited until she wasn’t looking to throw it at her. She screamed as loud as she could and everyone started looking at her.
As soon as she realized that it was not a real snake, she hit my dad and wouldn’t talk to him for the rest of the day. Over all I found the zoo pretty fun. The way home was just as boring as the way over there. On the way home we decided to stop at a water park where we lost Tucker. My dad was so post to be watching the boys.
“Where's Tucker?” asked my mom when she got back to the bathroom.
“Right there by the other one,” he said pointing at Tyson.
“Really, Joey?”Mom yelled. “I leave you here to watch them for five minutes and you loose one!”
“I didn’t lose him.” Dad started, “he’s around here somewhere.”
“Thanks, that was very helpful!” she yelled. She was more worried about yelling at my dad then actually looking for my brother. We looked around for him for about a half hour.
We found him on the water slides not long after that.
“See, I told you he was fine,” Dad said. Mom glared at him and hit him on the back of the head.
“He could of been kidnapped!” she yelled. “Do you want that to happen?”
“Yeah, then I could have the bottom bunk on the way home,” Tyson said. I laughed, I thought it was a pretty funny joke, but my mom was not amused. She had enough of all of us for one day, not that she could get away from us we still had a few days on the road. The next day everyone wanted to ride horses before we got home.
I was fine with that, but my grandpa wanted to go to some museum. My mom said that I had to go with because it would be rude to make him go alone, but I didn’t see her jumping at the chance to go to some boring museum. Being the amazing granddaughter that I am; I agreed to go with. I had to pretend that it was fun and cool, but after the first three hours that was getting hard to do.
We ended up being at the museum for a total of four hours.
“Thanks for coming with, that was fun,” said my grandpa after it got over.
“No problem,” I told him even though I had no fun at all while everyone else got to go ride horses, but I figured the old man was getting pretty old so might as well spend some time with him.
“How was it?” Mom asked when we got back.
“It was four hours,” I told her.
“So it was fun then?” she asked laughing.

“Yeah, next time you can go,” I said. I thought the trip was going to be pretty boring trapped in a R.V. with my family for a week, but it turned out being okay for the most part.


  1. I really enjoyed this story again! I really liked the part when you said you didn't like being in RV with your family. Otherwise, great job!

  2. This is Kyley,
    Your PPOW was really interesting. My favorite part was the part when you got to swim with the dolphins. It sounds like you had a lots of fun. Your PPOW was great.


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