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Snakes in a Mini Van

Snakes in a Mini Van
Meet the Jackson family there is the father Samuel L. Jackson[famous actor] the mother Sharkeisha and they have one kid Tyrone. The family annualy makes a trip to their friends in Ireland, they also get their hook up with the Guinness. They had met them when Samuel was on the set for “Snakes on a Plane”. They are very good friends and to get there they have to drive to New-York so that they can take off on a plane to get to Ireland. They don’t have a car and they don't like private jets so they decided to rent a minivan from enterprises. They were just leaving and Tyrone finds a cold boulder that they can barely fit into the van so they let him take it so that he can give it to their friends in Ireland. Little did Tyrone know that that boulder had a rattle, anaconda, and garter snake nests inside of it.
When Tyrone had to pee on the road trip he got out the car and when he opened the car door and relieved himself he thought he needed a drink to cool off in the heat so he opens the trunk where the cooler is and what falls out is a pillow that he took it to lay on. What Tyrone didn’t know is that in the pillowcase is an anaconda. After Tyrone drinks his grape soda he decides to hit the hay and take a nap. When he grabs the pillow something isn't right, it isn't fluffed so when he fluffed it and he lays back and when he lays back he laid right on the snake and he got bit and he died. His parents just thought he was asleep so they were taking pictures and posting them on facebook when really he was dead. His dad even swerved the car to try to wake him but he just flew dead Tyrone out the window and it was then when they discovered that he was dead. They could have stopped and took him home but they dumped him and they drove off with dead Tyrone on the side of the road and that was the end of the first 20 min of the ride.
They family was very sad that Tyrone went like this but they were so confused as to how he died but luckily when they flung him out the window the anaconda slithered away without a trace. They then were in Tennessee when Sharkeisha was very tired and when she asked Samuel if they could stop so that she could get a refreshment and a pillow because she was tired. He said yes and they stopped and she got them out of the trunk. When she did she got herself and the driver a grape soda and she got herself a pillow case, and when she did she fluffed it and she thought she felt a small ropelike lump but she ignored it, she got back into the car and they drove off. When she finally got tired she fell back onto the pillowcase and she fell asleep. There was a snake in there and it was a garter snake and it was asleep  as well. When she fell asleep she was very quiet until they hit a speed bump and she woke up and she jumped and she woke the snake and she screamed so loudly that she made it so that Sam couldn’t drive and he lost control of the car and they went into the ditch. Sharkeisha did not have her seat belt on so she was flung from the car and she landed in the ditch but she got up fine but then the rattle snake got out. The snake bit her right in the calf and she died. Sam was very sad but he just then put the body on top of the van and kept driving. He then thought that even when she died he had to keep going to meet his friends in Ireland.
He was just about at the airport when he was getting ready to get into the city and get to the 

airport. When he heard a rattle and a hiss coming from the back of the car. In the seat right next to him 

so he looked over to him and he saw the garter snake in all of its glory. It was hissing because he was 

going over speed bumps and that made the snake mad. So he then just tried to avoid them at all cost. He is very worried because he still thought he heard a rattle but the rattle snake got out when it bit

Sharkeisha, or did it. He then stopped the car because he had 2 hours to spare with the road trip till his 

plane took off. He opened the back and he heard a lot of noise coming from the boulder that Tyrone 

had found before they left for the trip. He found a little crack and he then just ripped the boulder open 

because it wasn't a boulder, it was a giant nest and inside was a giant andarattlegartrer snake with three

heads and a rattle. It was asleep but when Sam saw it she screamed like a little girl and he woke it up

and he passed out and when he woke up he was curled up with the giant snake and it was sleeping 

with him like he was a toy. He then was very scared when he checked his watch and he only had about 

30 min before his plane was ready for takeoff. He became very scared that he would not be able to see 

his friends from Ireland and would be left here and he would never see them again for another year. He

then did the only thing that he could think of and he just got up and ran. The snake noticed and it tried 

to chase him and take him but it could not catch him he was so fast. When he was at the terminal he and 

the snake were checked through security and they made it Sam then found a random Ak-47 and shot 

the snake once in the head and it dropped and then he got on to the plane. When he got on the plane he 

thought it was over and he then saw the bullet that was on the snake on the floor of the plane by the

cargo door. Meanwhile in the cargo the giant snake was with the other snakes in the cargo being 

transported from Africa to the zoo and they were amazed by the giant snake and it was speaking to 

them and they were ready to get the passengers on the plane. This is what set the plot for the movie 

“Snakes on a Plane”.


  1. I love the story! I think that that Tyrone is the best name ever. My favorite part is when they go to Ireland.

  2. This PPOW is very funny. I thought it was funny how they had to make all the stops. Be sure to take time and read over commas and other words. Good Job!!

  3. This is a clever set-up to Snakes on a Plane. I like how you dumped the snakes off in Africa.

  4. Great story! I really like how the family would dump Tyrone out of the car.

  5. This was very good. I like how you were very specific on what kind of snakes that were in the pillow case.

  6. I really liked this PPOW it was filled with action, conflict, and snakes biting people. It was really crazy that the family would just just ditch Tyrone on the side of the road like that!


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