Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Science Lab

The Science Lab

It was a peaceful morning and birds were chirping. Max woke up in his room. He heard his mom yelling that breakfast was done. He got up and went downstairs. When he was going down the stairs he could smell the eggs, ham, and hash browns. The smell was so good that his mouth started to drip.
When he finally got down stairs he told his mom, “This smells great!”
His mom replied, “Thank you honey. What do you want?”
“I’ll take everything.”
“Okay here you go.”
“Thanks mom!”
After breakfast Max, had to go to his new job. He was a scientist working on the cure for cancer. When he got to the lab, he was greeted by his coworkers.     
“Hey, Max.”
“Hey, have you guys found anything yet?”
“No, but I think that we’re getting close.”
“Interesting. Let me see.”
Max went over to the research. He noticed that the liquid had changed colors.
Max asked, “Why is it green?”
Bob answered, “We added the blood of someone who has cancer to it.”
Max screamed, “Why would you do that?”
“It’s a test. Wait for it to come back to see if it works.”
“Okay, I guess.”
A month later they got a message from the hospital.
Max opened it, and it said, “You cure has given 300,000 people cancer…”
Max started to cry.
Max whimpered, “I... I... I have given 300,000 people cancer.”
He ran over to the nurses room. He told her what happened. She then gave him pills to calm him down. He then fell asleep. When he woke up he couldn’t recognize the room.
There was an hole in the wall. Outside was all dark. He could see what seemed like dead bodies on the ground. He started to walk outside. When he got out a foul stenched flooded his nose. He started to gag.
He screamed, “What happened!”
He started to run, he ran as fast as he could he didn’t stop either. He got to his house.
He ran in screaming, “Molly, are you ok? Molly? Molly! No, no she can’t die!”
He ran up to the second floor. He opened the door. That sound of the creek, that awful creek he’ll remember forever. Right when he opened the door the foul stench of death clouded his nose.
He said, “What have I done. I’ve caused this much people to die!”
Mac started to freak out. He couldn't hold his emotions back anymore. He broke down right there.
Tears started to flood his eyes. They burned right when they touched his skin. He walked up to her, and put his hand on her head. He saw a note in her hand. He read it. The date said December 31, 2025.
He said, “No this can’t be right, it just can’t! I feel asleep on November 15, 1991.”
He keep reading the note it said, “Dear Max, you’ve been asleep for a long time. I don’t know if you're ever going to wake up, but I want you to know that I love you. I’ll always stay loyal to you. Even if you don’t wake up. You have a son now. His name is Caden. I put him in a shelter so he can be safe. The shelter is located at…”
The note was ripped. Max looked for the other piece. He keep looking and looking.
He fell to his knees and said, “No, no I must find him, I must find Caden!”
Max went onto  his journey to find Caden. While he was walking he found another survivor.
The survivor said, “Hey, my name is Carter what’s yours?
“Max,” he replied.
Carter said, “I’m going to the shelter that everyone's in. Wanna come?”
Max replied, “Yes of course that’s where Caden is!”
They walked six long miles to get there. Right when they got there, they saw the shelter was nuked.
Max fell to his knees crying.
Carter asked, “What’s wrong?”
Max replied, “My son was in there.”

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