Friday, May 22, 2015

Famous People

Andy Biersack
He wanted to start an army against society.
He loves helping kids who listen to his music.
His words fly through my mind like butterflies.

Kellin Quinn
He wanted to fix the broken hearts.
He just wants to save lives like superman.
He put his family first before fans.

Gerard Way
He quit his band which was the end of MCR.
He is making a come back for a single project.
He is the sass queen of the world.

Courtney G.
She has been my friend since preschool.
She stood up for me and helps me learn better in 1st grade.
She moved away and it feels weird without her.

Haylee S.
She was my first friend in Hamburg.
We were best friends, and she didn’t judge me.
She was there for me anytime.

Zachary R
I know, he turned into a monster.
He’s not the brother that I once knew.
He is never home and is breaking the family apart.

Chris R.
My father Christopher is being bullied by my brother.
He getting tired of having Zach home so much.
I don’t want Zach hurting our father.

Joyce R.
She adopted my father because his real parents were 18 years old.
She raised him like one of her own children.
Joyce’s husband die when my father was 16 year old.

Christina S.
She sometime doesn’t accept myself.
She says I’m too annoying being myself.
I wish she accepted that I don’t care.

Hailey V.
I met her at the hospital.
We got along great and we both were shy at new places.
I met her clan A.K.A her family.

She very smart and beautiful.
She knows where the stuff is at in the office.
She was always hungry, but really skinny.

When I went in the hospital,
She would come up to me and hang with me alot.
She would make me laugh a lot.

She told me about her when I walk in.
She tells me about her pet rats.
I want to pet them so bad.

Desira was shy and didn’t eat much.
She want to make small food.
She taught me how to make a small cake out of bread.

Jacob M.
He is my new friend and I met him in texas.
He has a pet corn snake and it’s awesome watching it eat mice.
I got to pet the snake and hold it.

Rainbows can be used for gay rights.
Rainbows may have a pot of gold at the end.
Rainbow is my spirit color because it colorful like me.

My screamo buddy and Christmas color buddies.
She loves the same type of music as me.
We make jokes of our self and laugh.

KKK looking for her with her straitjacket.
She broke out when she was seven years old.
She don’t wanna be found.

She’s a bubble with her anime and fan fictions.
We watch Black Butler and AOT together.
She get serious when someone like Levi.

She is strong and doesn't care what people say.
We help each other in math a lot.
I’m the one who got Chris and Trinity together.

Madison R.
She fangirls about a lot of things.
She doesn't like doing homework because she’s too cool.
She’s very flexible because she use to do gymnastic.

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