Wednesday, May 20, 2015



We went to the race, and when we were there I saw a lot of people. I heard people cheering, Spencer! I was like, what’s going on? I had one of the fastest times in the competition. I was ready. I got all my stuff on, fired up my bike, and I took off to the hill. They were really loud and I heard them. I had my helmet on with music going. Three, two, one, I fired off and went up the hill. fifty eighty hundred twenty and I was done racing for awhile, and I went to the bottom. My time was nine seconds faster than the other guys who were riding 450 complained  about me because I was too fast for them. They were pretty mad at me, but I didn't care. The second run I felt something in my gut, so I looked at my bike, and my gas tube had been cut by somebody. I was furious!
I went up to the announcer and took the microphone and said, “Whoever cut my gas tube is just mad because they don’t want to lose! I will beat anyone!”
My dad got a water hose and hooked it up to my bike. It was working for now, so I was on my 250. The guy that was by my bike said that I think you did that while you were racing. I held my clutch in and fired off getting roots in the dirt. The guy bawled and his bike died.
I yelled, “See ya later, sucker!”
He threw up his hands and said,” Race me in enduro.”
I said, “Ok lets go!”
We went to the woods and was going through trails in the woods. He was riding next to me, and try to make a pass. I wouldn’t give it up, so he came up right next to me. I pushed him into a tree! He was really mad after the race. He came over to our trailer and started a whole bunch of commotion about me. He said that I  should be DQ'd  for giving him an elbow. He went to the Hill Blazers and talked to them.
They said, “Suck it up, it’s part of riding!”
He was 4 years younger so just go and ride for the fun of it, not to win all the time! I thought winning was the only thing for me because I need their sponsorships. They would help me so much at this current moment. I’m trying to get a Redbull sponsor, so I can race when I’m older. I want to get that money; I took a thirty minute break, and then went to the guy that was trash talking me.
I said, “Let”s go round!”
He said, “I would be glad to.” He went to get his bike. I was ready, and I thought that I was going to lose this one because he had been doing this for 15 years. I was ready! I had my jamz playing in my ears. I was listing to 40 Mil, and I saw the flag swipe down. I took first place, and it was getting kind of  boring just racing the same guy, so I  had my dad race him. My dad won a few times too; I was happy for him, but I told him you can’t ride too hard because it will mess up your leg and your back because of the car wreck. I was wanting my dad to race with me this year, but around Christmas we T-boned someone, and we got hurt really bad. I was upset my dad couldn’t race, but i told myself there is always next year! I hopped on my bike and rode off with him while he could ride. He told me when we got back that I’m getting too old for this.
I said, “No you’re not; you’re just worn out!”
I was beating you.
He laughed with joy and said, “Wow! You read my mind.” We were having a fire around the camper, and I had plans for tomorrow. I was going fishing. My dad’s friend has a boat, so there was a guarantee that we will catch some. I fell asleep, and woke up to the trains. I smelled bacon and got up and ate some. I got dressed to go fishing, my dad and I went down to his friends. He was already in the water catching fish. We called him, and he came bye, and picked us up. From there we went to the hot spot. We were catching them one after another, and I was ready for the race next week! I was in the finals. I was nervous than I ever been before, but I was confident in myself. The day had went by fast while fishing and catching them. We kept the nice sized ones and took them back to the camper and roasted them over the fire. They were really good. I was tired so I went to sleep. We left in the morning. I had practice all week and was ready the week. It went by fast.
I got my bike in dad’s truck and yelled, “Let’s go!”
He yelled back,”What’s the rush!”
I said, “I’m hyped!” It might have had something in a box with Red Bull all over. I was so excited to see what it was. It was a new helmet that had Redbull logo on it and new boots. We threw it in the back of the truck, and headed to the races. I saw my bracket. I was ready! I got my stuff on and hopped on my bike. I took off, and we all got two practice laps. I was going fast! I  clicked my gears into 4, and I was done with the 2 laps, and parked my bike. I waited until the little kids were done. It was our turn. I was at the starting line: red, orange, green! I took off. I was in last because my bike died on me. i was in last i had seen them a head of me but i didnt care i was caching up passed the guy in front of me and i was ready to get first but i had a lot of time to make up i was in 5 I was coming behind the 4th and 3rd places and I was in 2 the guy in 1st didn't recognize me behind him and i was trying to pass when he seen me right beside him I gave him a wave and toke of I was in 1st with only 40 yards till the finish line I was riding really hard I was so exhausted and tired I barely finished I got to see my sponsor and they gave me a new ktm because I was doing really good I even had moster looking at my races my dad told me because he does all the work for me but when I get get older I have to do the business part.the day came to an end I had my big trophy and that's all that mattered to me because winning isn't everything its the only thing.      

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