Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The High Life


The High life

She walked in from the most important day of her life. Her father was laying on the floor with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, but she was use to that. Everyday she would come home and see that her dad had drunk so much he had passed out. Her mom was killed when she was little, she was murdered. Ever since then her father went down hill. She worked everyday to try and provide for herself. Some nights she would leave and try to forget what was going on at home, but no matter what she did, it was imprinted in her brain. Those nights she would run to her moms grave and just lay there and cry because there was no way to escape this life, Or maybe there was.
She walked into the house her father was awake for once. He still didn't say anything to her. He just sat there. He looked a little out of it, like he was going to freak out at any second, but that was his face when he wasn't passed out.
“Aspen,” he said.
“Yes dad,” said Aspen hesitantly.
“ Could you get me a beer out of the fridge,” said dad.
She didn't say anything; she just walked away, But as she was turning away, she felt a firm grip on her arm. She tried to break free but she couldn’t. Now this wasn't the first time this had happen, so she knew how to get out, but this time was different. It was as if  he was going to go insane, and it scared her. She had always been afraid of her father, but this time her fear was on a whole new level.
All of a sudden his face turned red, and he started yelling at Aspen. She tried to escape, but she couldn’t. He got out a gun, when all of a sudden her grandmother came running into the door. She pulled the gun from his hands, and hit him with the end of it. He fell straight to the ground. Grandma just had a surprised look on her face, and all Aspen could do was cry. Upon her wrists where the marks from where his hands had been, and the blood from his nails digging into her remained on her arms. She couldnt understand how a person could be that cruel.
Aspen and her grandmother had dinner together, and then she left. Aspen wished that she could come with her, but she knew that her grandfather would not approve, and her grandmother would not dare tell him. After grandma left, Aspen went to her room to practice her dance for her recital that she was so excited for.There would be scouts there for Juilliard, which is a performing arts school in New York City, and it is crazy expensive to get into. She knew that she would have to get a full ride scholarship to be able to go there, and if she didn't get in, then there would be no college for her because she didn't have the money to afford it. She was good, really good, She went to nationals every year and won, so she hoped that she could pull this off, and not to mention that it was her dream.
If you have ever seen Aspen in the halls you would know within two seconds of looking at her that she lived and breathed dance, and she wanted to do nothing else but that. You can always find her dancing in the hallways. People always make fun of her for it, but she didn't listen to any of them. She didn't care what they had to say. They all had mommies and daddies who would would pay for them to go to college, so it didn't really bother her when they said those things.   
   Day of Audition
It was just a normal day, and she did her normal routine and headed out the door. At school she couldn't wait to get out, and as soon as the final bell rang, she rushed to her gym locker to grab her clothes and stretch and all that good stuff. Oddly enough, she didn't find herself to be nervous at all because it was so natural to her.
The curtain opened, and she could see them—there they were, in the front row. She took a deep breath and started to move. When she got done, the audience cheered and gave her a standing ovation. She walked off stage, and two people in black suit with clipboards came up to her.

“Are you Aspen Jones?” the women questioned.
“Yes mam I am,” said Aspen.
The man said,“Very fine. Well, Aspen, we would like to invite you to go to Juilliard in New York City and we will give you a full ride scholarship,We would love to meet with your parents, so if you could point me….”
“No, that won't be necessary. I mean I don't have any parents, well I have a father but he is an alcoholic, and my mother was killed when I was about three,” said Aspen.
“Oh, no dear. That is too bad…. I’ll tell you what: we will still give you the scholarship because you, my child, are one of the best dancers I have ever seen in my many years of being a scout,” said the woman.
Aspen gave the women a big hug and tears filled her eyes. She couldn't wait to tell her grandmother. So she rushed to her grandmother's house. When she arrived, she didn't even knock on the door, she just rushed in.She looked around for her grandmother but she was no where to be found but she knew that she likes to sit in the basement by the fireplace. When she arrived downstairs she saw something that she thought she would never seen and something she didn't really want to see— her grandmother lying on the floor with a bullet in her head. There was a gun lying next to her, and she knew that it was her dad's gun. She began to sob as she ran out the door to her house, her dad was not home, which was not surprising because he is always at a bar. She flung open the door to her room and grabbed her picture frame of all of her family and slammed it onto the floor, and the glass flew everywhere. She threw herself onto her bed and cried. She felt like she had nothing left. She knew that the only thing keeping her alive was the fact that the she is gonna get to do what she loved.
She heard the front door slam and her grandfather walked into her room and said.
“I killed your grandmother and now i'm going to kill you……..”



  1. I like how you have written thin PPOW. It has nice legible font.

  2. Bro i really like your story because, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I hope you really do continue this PPOW.

  3. this ppow was great I liked how you put that sudden plot twist in the story.

  4. Megan, I want to say I really liked this PPOW, and I hope that you continue it. I liked how you put a lot of detail into this and kept it going.


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