Friday, May 22, 2015

∞Lush Forever∞

I remember when you made your first video;
It made me feel happy and grateful,
I waited for you to make more videos.

Matthew Lush
I remember your first boyfriend on your youtube channel;
You were so happy and in love with him,
When you two split up that broke my spirit seeing you sad.

Self Harm Video
You made a video about your war against yourself,
I was inspired by you to stand up for myself.
When you were crying in that video, it made me cry too.

When You Introduce Youtube to Nick
We loved that you had a crush on Nick Laws.
We loved seeing you happy;
We were afraid seeing you get hurt.

When You started a Channel named Lush
When you created Lush, we knew something was going on.
Then when you put out your first video and show your boyfriend Nick.
We knew you guys were dating.

Telling Us How You Guys Met
When you told us how romantic you guys met in person for the first time,
It melted all the Lusher’s hearts.
We love seeing the happy side of you.
From There On
We were both pleased and happy you found someone,
We loved all your videos with Nick;
We Lush you guys so much.

It has Been a Year
It has been a year since you and Nick have been together,
We were excited for your anniversary;
We couldn't wait for that video to come on.

We were mostly out rage with excitement for you guys to come to different states,
Most of us always wanted to meet you;
We all wanted to hug your face.

Your Story of Coming Out
You told us how your mom acted when you told her you were gay,
It broke my heart that your mother acted that way.
I’m happy she overcame herself and acted like adult.

The Puppy
I was happy you and Nick got a puppy,
You said “This puppy will be our child for now”;
I was so delighted to see this small family.

The Break
When I heard that you and Nick been fighting and on a break,
I cried all night hoping for nothing bad.
I was hoping everything will be okay.

The Accident
When You told us about your brother, sister, and the break;
I didn’t want all that stress to be put on you.
I was praying you were okay.

The Thought
I saw the video about committing suicide,
I didn’t think you did, but  I saw your face and I was happy you didn’t.
The thought got to me and I was crying.

My Idol
Matthew Lush is my Idol, who inspired me to stand up.
He inspires me to not let the judge get to me,
I saw him in pain and it broke me in half.

I Hope
I hope Matthew is okay and everything gets better.
I was hoping everything will go right for him;
I was hoping he will still be alive.

I Miss
I miss Matthew being happy so much.
The Lusher's miss him being happy too.
We Promise he will always be our GayGod.

We are happy
We are happy you're getting help Matthew Lush.
We love seeing you smile and focus on friends and family.
We’re just very pleased that you are you again.

Without You
Without you I wouldn’t be so strong right now.
Your our hero and our warrior.
You fought through the darkness for us.

Update on You
I’m gonna read your tweets and watch your youtube videos.
I want to see how our warrior is doing.
I want to hug you and pet your rainbow hair.

Almost Done
I’m almost done with this.
You now know about Matthew Lush.
I don’t care if you don’t like him because all I know is that he is always with us.

Lush Army
We are the soldiers, so please be proud of us.
We are the wounded and scarred warriors.
Our spirit for Matthew Lush can never be destroy.

Stand on Our Ground
We stand like soldiers and won't move an inch.
We have our braveness with us.
We all work together and forever.

Dear Matthew,
We will always love you and cherish you.
When it is your time, we will remember you.
We will always defend your spirit no matter where it is.

He is Our God
Matthew, you're god to us.
We obey your orders and continue to fangirl over you.
Don’t leave us weak and wounded.

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  1. I love it (: Matthew Lush sound like amazing person! I hope everything goes good for him!!


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