Wednesday, May 20, 2015



Poems are very boring,

Next thing you know I’ll be snoring.
It’s not fun at all,
I’m about to throw a brawl.

Football is love,
Especially when I shove.
When I tackle the other player,
He’s probably gonna say a prayer.

When he goes to pass,
He fell on the grass.
When the ball goes flying,
You don't hear him crying.

As he goes out of bounds,
We can hear them pop off the rounds.
The cannon goes off,
As little boys cough.

I know this is all bad Rhyming,
Its just not the best timing.
Like none of this makes any sense,
It’s actually getting a little tense.


Ball is life,

its my sport.

If you're good enough you go to the halla,

but you cant beat dribbling down the court and being a balla.

If you don't play ball,
I’m gonna throw you into a wall.
Just like drake,
It’s gonna give you a headache.

Ross’s Work
He makes us do a lot of work,
With his little smirk.
It’s not fun,
Like trying to work on a funny pun.

Clash of clans
It’s possibly the best game ever.
But it’s not very clever.
When I see I’ve been raided,
I think holy crap I’ve been invaded.

I have a level 7 town hall,
But my village is still really small.


It is very cool.
When we clog the slide,
And show our Viking pride.
Jump off the boards,
Like a lord.
Watch the ladies tan,
While we make a plan,

I play moped tag,
I try to hit them with my flag.

Summer is full of joy,
Just like the waterboy.
In the hot sun,
Having loads of fun.        
Wearing shorts all day,
Starting in the month of May.
Finally get to say goodbye to the teachers,
Until I come back with different features.
Swimming in the river,
It’ll give ya a shiver.
Jumping off the cliff,
Give it a sniff.
Elliot getting hit in the head,
He was acting like he was dead.
Mud getting tossed here and there,
You might wanna say a prayer.

Another hard part of the day,
Good thing schools over in May.
It’s very boring,
You can hear some kids snoring.

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