Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The House
One day someone named Bob was walking in the woods when he came up to a house. The house was old and very cold. It was slowly falling in on itself and was rotting. He decided to enter the house and see what was inside. When he entered the house, the door fell down. The whole house smelled like flowers, this worried Bob. He started to wonder why an old abandoned house would smell like freshly cut flowers.  When he investigated the smell more, he found fresh cut flowers in the basement, but they were not ordinary flowers; they were a rare flower found only in the Egyptian desert. Bob being a botanist;  he very quickly realized this, and they could not grow in Iowa where he was, but they were freshly cut. This did not make sense to him.  So he took the flowers to his lab for testing. The flowers had been cut only 45 five minutes before they were tested, and he had found them exactly forty four and a half minutes before testing. He went back and used his knowledge of criminal investigation to dust for fingerprints. He found absolutely no fingerprints other than his own, despite his search of the entire house. This made him wonder how they ended up there.He then went to the library and did some research on the house. He found out that it had once belonged to a sorcerer. This made him wonder if maybe the sorcerer put some sort of spell on the flowers to cause them to never decay. The library suddenly burst into flames as Bob was running out the back door of the library. He noticed that there was a person with a tall pointy hat. Bob thought this must be the sorcerer.Bob chased the man down the street to find out why he lit the library on fire. But a bus came between them, and he lost the sorcerer. This angered him very much because this very uniquely dressed man just lit a library on fire for no apparent reason, then he some how disappeared in a crowd of people in business suits. He then went home and ordered a pizza. When his pizza arrived, he paid for it. He thanked the delivery man. He sat down on the couch and ate his pizza while watching a show about plants on Netflix. When he woke up the next morning, he noticed that he was using a slice of pizza as a pillow. He turned off the tv and washed his face and brushed his teeth. He continued to research this sorcerer and his home. He found out that he had died in 1901, but his grave bell rang. They dug up the casket, and it was empty of everything, but a small little fly. But the fly was dead, and there was a message that was burned into the lid of the casket that read I will return. It was followed by some strange symbols that looked like this §+†. He needed a drink because while he was reading on the interwebs; he had been eating hot fries, and they were beginning to burn his mouth. He poured himself a glass of  milk. He began to feel hot and smell smoke. He realized that his sweatshirt was on fire. He did the exact thing that we were taught not to do as children and started running around like a mad man. This caused the burning sweatshirt to fall off and ignited his house!  

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